The green spot

Fell into flow. Made an image – and then another one…


The day before yesterday

I went back to the rapeseed field. Just had to see if it was in full bloom. Not quite it was, but almost! And the summer-ish fragrance was there.


But should I get home in time before the rain started pouring down and making me soaking wet? After lunch the clouds had been building up, and the wind was increasing so  at first I didn’t know if I could bike to the field at all. But I wanted to, so I dared myself.


Yes, I did! I managed to bike against the wind, and I did get home again in time. Actually! It didn’t rain at all here, but I saw the shadowy curtains on distans while still on the bike on my way home.
And the weather changed! It got colder and overall more windy after this. So… now it’s more like it should be in May! Spring! Not like in the hottest time of summer.

It’s wonderful!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Mother Nature

Can anyone, anything compares with the creator?
Just imagine…IMG_6949 1200px

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration


Yes! I did travel to Stockholm! And on that friday morning I woke up with this terrible sore throat. So I went home earlier than planned, and for almost two weeks now I’ve been… well… not felt particularly well. Have spent most of my days in the sofa watching movies. And sleeping.

These last three days though I’ve slowly been getting better, and today I went for a ride on the bike. Two shorter rides, actually. I really enjoyed that.
But I’m still coughing and as it seems, that cough might stay put for some time. It’s a mean virus going around this spring. Many have been ill for several weeks. But as long as I feel well, all is well. And I do feel well now.

This picture I took outside Grand Central station, Stockholm, waiting for my train to arrive. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-light


First warm sunbeams of spring

Maybe not so much dancing in a chair?
But when you’ve had a dreadfully awful and nasty cold for two weeks – sitting outdoors, lifting your face towards the sun, is more than dancing. It’s heavenly!IMG_1702

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

Way back when…

… just some 9 or 10 weeks ago. Mid day…
Probably everyone is having lunch somewhere… or this is a very small town… or both…

Yeah! Both!
And now the trees are green, and flowers blossom. Summer IS on its way! I sure do hope…


Weekly Photo Challenge: On the way

Cherries on a blue day

Went for a walk this morning. And since I still have the camera I borrowed from church, I thought it would be a good idea to take some photos of my own as well, now when I had the chance to do so. It was a bit chilly outdoors, but oh how beautiful!

On a clear day…

… you can see forever…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

A moment

a moment
suddenly here
and then suddenly gone
just a breath away
a snapshot of God


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

Spring in February

It just can’t be. Not here. Not even here in the south of Sweden by the west coast!
Sun. Blue sky. Almost no wind. Amazing! +8 degrees Celsius – and at least twice that in the sun.
The air was smooth and caressing against my face. It was like being in heaven!

I just had to go for a short walk at lunchtime. This spring feeling won’t last long. Tomorrow, it’s said from the weather forecast, but then it will be cloudy again and not so warm.
Turning around the corner and there it was. The moment of infinite beauty
One just have to cherish the moments of happiness.


when the rain falls


rain is falling
light and tender

air is filled
with blossoming taste

this year spring
came on a wednesday

and I say
hey hey hey