Back to my old self…

One image only – edited and colorfully playfully enhanced – and not many words… if any…

On my way home from downtown city a week ago, I walked uphill and through a rhododendron path – and on the top I found this. Scilla coloring the ground blue, and a tree with funny … hm… appearance. The shadows intrigued me and now with the iPad in my hands, and Pixlr opened – I couldn’t resist trying to make the image even more spooky than the original. The sun in the eyes, you know…


Abstract reality

And if it isn’t!
Make it so.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Icy cold, and beautiful

Of course I’ve made something to this photo! Who do you think I am? I just can’t let it be, can I? O_o

This monday was a cold day. While I was having breakfast the thermometer showed -13,4 C (below zero). On Sunday the temperature had been dropping and late that evening snow started to fall. And kept on falling during the entire night.

At lunch it was stunningly beautiful! I went for a walk and it wasn’t as cold as in the morning any longer. And the temperature was slowly rising! (Well… can’t say it became warm though…) And I had to be really careful to where and how I put my feet.

Well! Melting soft snow and hard ice on the streets, become a dangerously messy and slippery mix. It doesn’t help much to strew sand on the sidewalks and biking paths. There are always spots that are pure ice. And on the streets it’s even worse. The friction heat that creates when cars at street corners pull in and then speed up again, makes crossing a street to an almost life threatening task.

But the next morning most of the snow and ice were gone! And it was raining…
So typically at this part of the country where I live! By the west-coast seaside. Changes! Changes! Can’t be boring, eey?
(It can)

The original – just smaller >:D!


The Rider in the Sky


Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate


to believe…


Merely a shadow is our life
a reflection of a dream to come,
suddenly appearing
from an unknown realm
and then just as suddenly gone

So what is right and what is wrong?
Who can tell and still go on?
And does it really matter!
When you just have to believe,
and the world will turn you up-side-down.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

The bridge

A minute or two, it’s still summer!
I bet the city library never will be promoted from this angel by the city council or tourist department…
Young, older, oldest… or something. Time crash…

I started this post with the last picture. At first I had in mind to crop it, just leaving the modern man, the old tower, the new buildings and the everlasting tree.
Then I realized, became aware of the bridge. How it seemingly have trees growing on it. And the woman with the pram. It kind of said something more. What, is up to the beholder to interpret…

Then I couldn’t resist add some more pictures today, even though I usually only post one at a time.

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette 

There’s something about water…


… I wish I was there. Now!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Claire obscure…

… in a slightly another sense


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette