The birdlake


Strolling around…

… once in a while
again and again
in the time of summer

It’s good to be home

It seems that I’ve reached the comfort level where I not only cook the most basic courses, like for example lentil soups! Yesterday I made mayo to my egg n’ potato sallad. Spiced with lemon and french Dijon mustard. Mjummy!

It’s good to be home where I belong and to meet both old friends and new ones. It makes me feel so much better in every way. I’m coming back! Soon I’ll even write again! More regularly. 😀


There is something on my mind

For four years now, I’ve had this Domain registration on this blog together with a privacy protection. In all 26 USD/year. I don’t want to have that any longer, I don’t want to pay anything at all to WP any longer. Not that 25 USD is the end of the world, but there are other things I rather would spend it on.

The main reason though, that I want to remove this domain upgrade, is that I think WP due to its “enhancements” has made blogging more irritating and time consuming. It’s not easier to move around, the “improved editor” is hopeless, and the app is… okay practical to use for scrolling through the reader…

I shouldn’t complain to much perhaps. Despite the “enhancements” WP still might be the best blogg-host, compared to other options – not  that I know of every option there is. (And as long as I won’t encounter But I don’t want to pay for this upgrade any longer. It isn’t worth it! The only noticable and visible change is the name. With the domain this blogs name is: Without it’s called So!!!!!!??????

And the privacy protection part? I can’t notice any difference from my other blogs! Maybe due to a strong password which I change now and then, and that the mailadress I have here, only is connected to WP and never use anywhere else?

But how do I do to get rid of it?


I must say! It’s D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T to find information. First of all to find any information, second to find a clear concise information about this particular question. After hours of searching, the only thing I found was that I could remove, but nothing says if I still will have I think so, but can I be sure? Will I still have my posts and my images? Will I still have YOU – my wonderful skillful followers? Or will everything be removed???? All of it????

I have been pondering, should I instead manually delete Words&Pics the ordinary way? Just poofff bang bye and gone forever the entire blog? And instead focus on my other blog where I write more? The blog A new beginning? (Haven’t written much lately, moved to another city, you know, will be back on track)
Or should I just remove “ the domain” and hope for the best! Taking a chance all the content still will be there and that none of you will lose me, and therefore I lose you.

Let me have a day or two to reflect on this a bit more. Somehow I’ll remove the domain. And I hope, if lost, we all can find each other again. There are ways!
I’ll be – if possible – at or – if the other occurs – at A new beginning where I in that case will post both images as well as written some-things.

And after all – I’ve just started A New Life! In my original hometown! I’ve already reconnected to some of my old friends AND have met new ones! In less then three weeks. Sometimes it feels funny, awkward, to change what eleven years have done to me, into not the old me, but into a new me. So now I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off, getting myself together, leaving the bad things behind, embrace the learnt lessons-  and start my life again, new and refreshed. In a much better place,

That, I think, is a good match. After all that has happened and to all that now will happen. 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Match

The purpose is…

… to repurpose. But while remaining in the land of Nothingness & In-between, I could reuse a photo and make it into something else. Still an image though…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

Thank Godess…

… there are editing apps for photos! I could never have done this with my bare hands…fullsizeoutput_2556



If you’re expecting the Light, don’t turn away from the source, or you may only see the shadows
(Was just reminded of  Platos allegory about the cavern)


Everything has its ending

the day
the summer
green leaves
the old table
the ultimate ending

endings includes a beginning
something new
a new morning
new green leaves
what about the table?

it may seem as if we are framed
in time
but go outside the frame
and you will get a new perspective
maybe even see  – the whole
the holiness

there are no frames
we just think so
and there is no death

IMG_2016 1200

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Once upon a moon

Neither from the apartment where I lived before nor nearby I could see the stars as bright, nor the moon as big and shiny as I do here. The air is quite clean to breathe, and there’s a magpie couple living in the birch just a few meters outside my patio.
It’s quite breath-taking!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare



When I made this image, I called it “Fading out”
But I have a sense it would fit with “Partners” as well. Fading out and fading in. Plain and colorful. Soft and rough. Opposites that have to go together to make a complete reflexion. A coherent whole!

IMG_1877 1200px

And apropos creating images! Just the other day I took the daring step to let print two of my images. I ordered them directly from Picture/Apple as posters, in the stunning size of 40 x 50 centimeter. O_o
I just wanted to see what they’ll look like in real life! On paper! How big is 40 times 50 anyway?

I have a dream of gathering my best pieces on an exhibition. Perhaps next time when we have this shared exhibition at the Cafeteria, so I wont have to show too many objects. It’s quite expensive with canvas prints, frames et cetera.

You know… Everything starts with a dream, and without dreams – no reality!

These two are the first ones I chose to see if this dream of mine is possible to realize. You see, I have my ideas what I’ll do with them to become “real” images/objects! It’s not enough just to have them printed as they are now. I have a couple of ideas… And I just have to try!

Skärmavbild 2016-06-28 kl. 20.33.09

I’m supposed to get the prints tuesday or wednesday next week. I’m both nervous and excited about it.

And then I’ll experiment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

Ocean curves

It’s just an ordinary summer day,
with boringly endless sand
and the sun hidden in southwest.
The water seems to be mostly grayish.
Dark clouds are heaping up from the horizon,
and there’s a chill stroking down your spine.
Nothing seems to be what it really is.



Thought they meant me…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

But they didn’t…

At the seashore


  1. (adjective) Additional to what is required for ordinary use.
  2. (adjective) Elegantly simple.
  3. (verb) To refrain from harming.

And now, you may choose the most suitable explanation… 851575_126361970881933_2050936102_n

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Abstract reality

And if it isn’t!
Make it so.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract


the future is now
when your laying your puzzle
chunks, bits and pieces
in the choice of your own

so don’t even think
of glueing them together
in a malicious pattern
you don’t adore


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

Some 50 meters…

… away from my house. This afternoon.
I seem to have come to heaven!

Weekly Photo Challenge:
Eye Spy

7:58 in the morning

Light meets light,
like mirrored through a looking glass
dawn reveals the storm is goneIMG_1570

Weekly Photo Challenge:
Eye Spy

Photo of my kitchen seen from the patio.
Taken with iPad, Only slightly sharpened and added overlay “Lux”.
(; Happy Holidays)
(Not often I remember what I do when I “do” photos.)