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I Heart You


Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s not this time of year without… Love

And that goes for everytime, anytime, everywhere…

Fun, fun, fun

Working on the novel…
Having a 27 inch screen is marvelous! I can have three documents side by side if I want to (and need it) And still be able to comfortably read and write.

Oh, this writing is so fun!
… and yes! I have intentionally blurred the text…

IMG_1988Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun


Tall & small

opposites – but yet the same
love connects
mom & son
every thing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

child – grownup
tall – small
boy – woman
young – mature
caring – trusting
mom – son


I have three blogs on the same WP-account.

I have this one, Words & Pics, which for a long time has been the primary blog. If I leave a comment somewhere and you click on the link there, you’ll end up here. Up till now, that is!

I have Small Kitchen – more for you, my readers, to get inspired, then to get proper recipes. I’m totally lousy when it comes to write recipes. And to follow, for that matter. I had also intended to write about food, about nutrition, about HEALTHY FOOD! – But I never seem to get along with that… So far…

And I have my Swedish blog, Min ostyriga penna – (My uncontrollable Pen, is the closest translation to that. Or is it better with: My disorderly Pen? HAHAHA!)
Anyhow, I have decided to write more on that blog, and hopefully get more readers as well. The tagline is: Om livet som det är och om att starta om på nytt – Which is something like: “About life as it is, and about how to start it fresh”  (Oh gosh! What a lousy translation! But you get the idea, don’t you?”)

And I’m now – simply speaking – just making my Swedish blog the primary one!

Consequences? As far as I know, only that when you click on my link at some comment I’ve written ON SOME OTHER BLOG THAN THIS, you’ll end up on my Swedish blog instead of on this one. And over there I’ve already added a widget with the link, for you to click on and come over here.

It’s actually the same as now, mais au contraire…

What I’ll write about? Mainly about how to create a new life after retirement and  – more important – after the mental burnout. This also includes starting to write fiction again! I lost that due to the burnout, and I want that ability back!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT And to read, to meet people, to… start living my life again!!!
Yes of course I could do that here as well, writing in English; and I will keep on writing and posting here! I just want to write in Swedish too! And hopefully get more friends there, here, closer to where I live! I would love to have more friends, in real life. I’m way too lonely as it is. I long for friends!

So. Yes! I’m reaching out here!

A little bit of everything
A little bit of everything

What is this thing called Love?

A feeling?
A way of being?
Caring for family and friends?
Our children?

Jesus said, we should love everyone. Everyone without exception!
“Yes”, some christian people I know say, “but not…” and after that comes, mostly, the word “homosexuals”.

We talk about unconditional love.
How difficult it is to show – to feel – to be – unconditional love! To feel love for the beggars, the handicapped, the sick, the criminals, the “odd”, the fat, the thin, the poor, the rich, to those people on the other side of ourselves! Those with different skin color, hair color, religion, culture and custom…
To love without prejudice against, without excluding, without trying to change. Just love! And see God in everything, in everyone.

Some Christians say: “I love my family, that’s the most important. And then my friends.”
Jesus didn’t say that. He said: “Do as I do! Love everyone! See everyone, even the smallest ones! Then you also see me!”

Loving family, friends, cute kids, puppies and kittens is easy.

My dilemma now, is how to express unconditional, eternal love in a picture.
I don’t know how!

What I know, is that it’s light! I know it’s bright colors!
I know the feeling, the warmth, the breathtaking joy in my heart!
I feel it when I look at The Little One, when I hear beautiful music, when I dwell in the first warm days of springtime; with birds singing and the air having this fragrance of moist, fertile soil, soon-opening buds and new life.
I feel it when I create a new image or write something that comes from deep inside of me.

And sometimes – just because I am.

I tried to make an image with bright light and colors, but it shows almost nothing of what this enormous love is. It’s just a pale reflection. And whoever could make a picture of the purest love of all? Whoever could make a true picture of God?
Love is spiritual, not material.

But we can try! Even though the colors get lost; even when the light we put into it doesn’t show it as bright as it really is. As we know in our hearts it is.
Yes! We can try again… and again… and again… As many times as we need.

Because love is all there is!


The picture is from my travel to Stockholm. With less than an hour remaining the train stopped due to some signal-problems.
A road parallel to the rails, snow – and a hint of sunset over a lake… 

We entered Stockholm 50 minutes late…

Weekly Photo Challenge: One love

Living in circles

IMG_1584-snippetMy first thought when I saw the new theme for Weekly Photo Challenge, was not about a geometrical form or any visible form at all. I thought of the rythm in time and space, in life and death. Things appear, develop, disappear.

The year passes by; spring, summer, fall and winter. Then yet another spring. Life, as seen, is starting all over again.

Day and night.
Darkness and light.
And nothing can exist without the opposite.

To be born, grow up, get old.
Though life itself never dies. Just changes form.

How is it said? I can’t quite remember!
Something like: “in the middle of chaos, lies the seed of calmness”.
The bird Phoenix that burns itself, then arises from the ashes.

Without death – nothing can be reborn.


My life consists of various circles. Moving to a new apartment means one old circle is gone forever, and a new one has started. Time circles. The old one was fairly short. Lasted only a little more than 2 years. If I should describe that circle in one word, it would be: Darkness.

A new Time circle is recently born. One word for this one? At this point?
Light. That’s the word for it. Light.
And love.

IMG_1584-snapAt January 15th I’ll turn 65. I have difficulties to admit even to myself, that I’m that old and from now on a retiree. And yet this also means I’m entering the realm of freedom.
And of new possibilities.

Possibilities to move further, to grow, to learn, to experience…
To develop who I am. Express myself in different ways.
Maybe in new ways!

I don’t think life could exist without circles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circles




… and everything else is a mess…

I love…

I love the beaches and the woods
and filling my life with colors.
I love to be present in the Now
and listen to relaxing Music.
Feeling the joy of being alive
knowing that everything is
just as it is supposed to be.
Love! Infinite unconditional love!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place

The Centerpiece!

Ten seconds! Then you smiled at me.
I my arms, warm and sturdy.
My heart kept beating and beating and beating
of love
I had lost my heart in less then ten seconds.
I lost it when I first laid my eyes on you!