The green spot

Fell into flow. Made an image – and then another one…


Fun, fun, fun

Working on the novel…
Having a 27 inch screen is marvelous! I can have three documents side by side if I want to (and need it) And still be able to comfortably read and write.

Oh, this writing is so fun!
… and yes! I have intentionally blurred the text…

IMG_1988Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun



Not a big issue…

Just oven rosted vegetables. Potato, carrot, swede, one broccoli stem, red onion. Cut, sprinkled with olive oil and dashed with some salt and blackpepper. In the oven for about 25-30 minutes. 200C warmth, a bit hotter at the end to get more color to the veggies.

On the plate is also cooked quinoa and hummus – chick peas, roasted sesame seeds, and garlic thoroughly mixed. Add water to make it smooth.  Also olive oil, lemon juice, and taste with salt, black pepper, cumin and any herb you like. Cilantro is really nice to this.

And to that – fresh grens, red bell pepper, and some extra lemon.


I also made some dessert. Have strawberries in the freezer so I had some on a plate and put them in the oven to defrost. Then mixed the thick coconut cream with some vanilla and a few drops of lemon juice.

When I took out the strawberries from the oven, they were warm on the outside but still cold inside – not still frozen though  – I added the cream, and dashed some roasted sesame seeds and cocoa powder on top of it.

Oh gosh! That was a delicious dinner!

oh I know

I surely do know
and I will do

this last year has been…

I’m still here, alive and breathing
and I thank the heavens
for the experience


image found – I don’t remember where – on the internet


… and some light…

IMG_1412Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

The room of light

I can’t let it be, can I? Playing around with my photos. Exploring and testing.
Contrast… beauty… colors…


And inspiration you can find anywhere and everywhere!

Yes! In real life, the walls ARE white!
And the roof has a wonderful, bluish turquoise color – not quite as bright as above. The light shining through you can only see with your inner eyes. You can feel it if you are aware…

IMG_5489Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

(but – no – I don’t have lightroom…)


You ask about inspiration?
I’ll tell you about inspiration.

I’ts the voice inside you,
your inner being
fully connected to the wholeness,
to the source.

It’s vibrance!
It’s color!
It’s black and white,
it’s dark and light.
It’s unconditional love!

It’s life itself.
All there is.

The possibility to create and recreate
all you want
including yourself.

IMG_5424enhancedpixlAbout the picture:
If I had aimed more for illustrating Inspiration in an image, it should perhaps had shown nature, the forrest and the sea, the colors. Sunshine and warm summer, crispy blue in september and the first green in mars or april. Or something like that…

I havn´t done any photographing outdoors in a long time. Haven’t been at the seaside (too many tourists) nor in the forrest (too far away to bike), but I took a bunch of photos in the church hall the day before yesterday. We were removing all the chairs and other equipment, in order to replace the wooden floor with a new one.

Today I was browsing the photos. And got caught by the accidental composition of this one. It’s not the room, not the church itself, not the men, not even the window – it’s about the light coming in through the window, the shadows. The liveliness in the midst of the stillness.

And of course I edited and enhanced. Particularly the saturation. To bring out the invisible colors…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

High five

How often do we actually see the whole picture of something…?

I can’t tell exactly what I did with them when editing! I never can. I know that many of you who edit pictures, know and add notes of every step you take, can tell exactly what filters, how much saturation… you know and you keep track of all the data.
Including the camera data. Light, speed… whatever…

Sorry but I can’t! I have tried! But I lose myself and I lose the inspiration.
I can say exactly the same as one of my friends say about how she works – she’s a real painter, I mean she paints on canvas, paper and in different techniques – we are intuitive artist! We go on by inspiration and what feels good in the moment! Where the intuition leads us!
And at that time stop to take notes????

I can’t! Have tried! I lose myself.

It’s quite intriguing how different one and the same picture will look, depending of what editing tools you use! The options are endless.

* In the upper right corner you can see, at least glimpses of, a painting my friend have made. I felt something for that painting…. and now it’s mine…