Never too late…

It’s been a bit too much lately, but just the other day I biked to one of “my” Second Hand shops.
Bought a couple of books, and had some coffee.
Nice! 😀

… and then I went home and made nothing… again…

Nice… 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded
(the nature uses always curved and rounded lines, we use the straight ones… 😉 )


From the corner of my eye…

This image is also from todays visit at Dunkers Kulturhus. (The first photo here)
Here looking out through one of the the windows above the main entrance. No, the faces aren’t my doing. They were all over the windows. Almost… I just play around with my photos…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Peace & Quiet

A sofa…
An unread book – or a pile of…
A warm and cosy blanket…
A pillow – or why not three…
being all surrounded

A cup o’ coffee…
Some cookies…
No one coming…
No one calling…
peace and quiet

Just I, me and myself…
And all the time in the world

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax


I tried to find chaos – but found only peace…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

Fun, fun, fun

Working on the novel…
Having a 27 inch screen is marvelous! I can have three documents side by side if I want to (and need it) And still be able to comfortably read and write.

Oh, this writing is so fun!
… and yes! I have intentionally blurred the text…

IMG_1988Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun


Dreams & Dreamings

Yes I dream! For a long time I’ve been dreaming about what to do when I retire and will be able to do what I want, when I want.

No huge dreams like traveling around the world – though that would be nice – or buy a small house in the woods somewhere – though that would be even nicer – my present wishes are more close to myself.

My most immediate dreams are to be slimmer and more fit. All this sitting at a desk in front of the computer has its costs. In a way it’s magical, but all magic comes with a price.

So I dream about walking more, biking more, and I see in front of me lovely summerdays when I bike eastwards, into the woodlands, and dwell for a while or two at the shore of some of the lakes.
That’s imaginable!
And as it is! I’ve already started on that project! Since I’ve four kilometers to get myself downtown instead of two, and some uphill on the way home, that alone is a big plus. And hence, also two kilometer closer to the woodlands.

I also dream about mingling more with my friends, and that’s also imaginable. Actually I’ve already started doing that too. At 3 PM today I’ll join a group of ladies here in church, called “The Monday Group”. I know most of them already and I think it will be fun. I’ll also more often attend to the Sunday sermons, and other events here.

And I have friends also elsewhere! Next Friday evening I’m invited to a “mirrored house warming party”! Hehe… by mirrored I mean the opposite of a house warming party. My friend isn’t moving in somewhere. She’s moving out. It’s my ayurvedic therapeut friend who is leaving her present business-place, and she herself called the event – “funeral fiest”. O_o

Other dreams I wish to fulfill, are to read more, write more, take more photos and also do more of meditation and such. Attend to my inner self! My soul! The real me! I do so already, but wish to expand that even further.

At this particular minute, I think I might perhaps prioritize photographing…

I can’t help it, but just the thought of all this makes me so happy. And that I’m about to realize it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Picture I took about 10 days ago. Before I caught the cold, before it started to snow really heavy and got really cold, and before this Sunday when the temperature rose to plus and all the snow started to melt… I love it all. And now I can start biking properly again… with no ice and snow on the biking paths…

A new life?

Time passes on, things changes and the sun keeps on shining. Sometimes from behind the clouds, but nevertheless – it’s shining!

Last friday was a kind of a milestone for me. Becoming a retiree, saying Goodbye to this “unemployment-activity-life” I’ve participated in for some time now, and as an extra bonus – moving to this new apartment of mine. It’s wonderful! WONDERFUL!

But that afternoon, last Friday after having (a late) lunch, with coffee and a left-over-piece of that almond cake afterwards, I just sat there in my sofa. I didn’t do much after that. Actually nothing at all but watching some movies and playing endless rounds of patience, all by my self!
(I have absolutely no idea of how that expression can be said in English. ‘I suddenly had no air left in me’? Which shouldn’t be taken literally)

Likewise the entire Saturday, and on Sunday morning my right knee hurt so much I could hardly stand on that leg, no less walk. I had caught a cold, or rather my muscles and stiff joints had done so.
So typical! And to add more fun to this, it snowed and snowed and snowed… and it got colder and colder which certainly isn’t my weather at all… and – I admit – it also became very beautiful. All white and clean, even the branches on trees and bushes got all white. Almost like in a Disney-movie.

Photos? I couldn’t go out!!! Well, a little. Short and slow. Knee-pain and slippery roads don’t go well together. And added to that – I’m a coward…
Okay! I did take some photos! From my patio and from the front of my house.
Funny! How such beautiful motives can end up in such hopelessly boring photos!

Sooooooo… Sometimes you just have to let go of everything and do nothing but laze around. And I did! I still am.

And I had to TALK to me! Talk sense to me!
I had to say: Take it easy! You have gone through some huge changes here! Let it take the time it takes!

(I was dreaming of summer and biking and walking and laughing and moving around and writing and feeling young and easy and photographing and making pictures and being fully mobil and active och happy and enjoying life and….  ey!!! You know!!!!!)

And today… I kind of feel… like getting back on the track again…
I have even cleaned up here…
(Havn’t done the dishes though…

I love my apartment!
I love my life!
I love myself!
Everything is just the way it’s supposed to be!

And I feel so relaxed…

The Day

It’s Friday – and Friday it was!
And it came out to be really nice!
P was all right, and by all means –
could she really be… otherwise?

Fourteen people gathered,
no possibility neither
to “butter” nor to be un-nice.

I got presents, I got hugs,
I got laughter and I got smiles.
And when they asked how I felt,
I just answered – Wonderful!
It’s the best day of my life!

Not because I was there
with almond cake on the plate
and coffee quite near

It is the sense of freedom
from rules and demands,
to feel the closeness
of friends all around,
and that the start of my new life
finally is here

Bye, bye, my past!

early this morning

I’m amazed
and astound
so close to heaven and earth
living not next to
but within


and last night
the stars so bright
so shiny and close on black velvet sky

long time has gone
since last I’ve seen
since last I’ve been
so within
heavens nature

(this is not “Oops” – this is WOW)

Spring in February

It just can’t be. Not here. Not even here in the south of Sweden by the west coast!
Sun. Blue sky. Almost no wind. Amazing! +8 degrees Celsius – and at least twice that in the sun.
The air was smooth and caressing against my face. It was like being in heaven!

I just had to go for a short walk at lunchtime. This spring feeling won’t last long. Tomorrow, it’s said from the weather forecast, but then it will be cloudy again and not so warm.
Turning around the corner and there it was. The moment of infinite beauty
One just have to cherish the moments of happiness.


The Centerpiece!

Ten seconds! Then you smiled at me.
I my arms, warm and sturdy.
My heart kept beating and beating and beating
of love
I had lost my heart in less then ten seconds.
I lost it when I first laid my eyes on you!