Have I gone bananas?

Yesterday morning, after I dropped off my grandson at work, and before I went back home again, I stopped at the big food store (Maxi) to do some shopping. One of the things I bought, was a bunch of bananas. At home, again, I unpacked the bags, had breakfast and then went back to bed for a while.

After two whiles I thought: How expensive that was! What did I buy that made it so costly?

I checked the purchase against the sales ticket, everything added up without any flaws, but… WHERE WERE THE BANANAS!

I was looking for them everywhere! On the kitchen bench where they should be; on the table; lifted and moved around other things, but no bananas.

I looked in the room, in the bathroom – I started to get a bit freaked out now, I knew I had bought a bunch, remembered I had put them in one of the bags…

Went out to the car to look there. They might have fallen out of the bag without me noticing it. But no bananas in the car.

Back in the apartment, I looked all over once more. I even looked in the freezer, though I knew I couldn’t have done THAT! Looked once again in the fridge, in the room, on the floor…

No bananas.

Then I phoned the shop. No, there were no forgotten bananas! And then I gave up. I must have forgotten them nevertheless, and another costumer must have taken them.

A couple of hours passed by. Eventually it was time for lunch and then I should drive back to the neighbour-city to pick my grandson up and get him home again. And to make lunch, I had to open the cupboard…

Why on earth did I put the bananas there? I never store bananas in the cupboard! What was I thinking? Am I going nuts?

And why didn’t I look there when I was on the banana-hunt? I did check out the freezer…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual


Still trying…

… to make decent photos of my ice creams  (Ice cream, you scream!) What I’ve learnt, among other things, is that I’m not a good food photographer. But you can’t get it all, can you?

At least I didn’t take a shot under my red parasol this time. And I hurried as fast as I could, before it started to melt. I almost got that part.
And by the way! It actually isn’t ice cream. It’s sorbet. With no sugar and no fat and no extra liquid added. Only pieces of fruit, icy fruit, mixed together.

This time I only used one big banana, and one serving of mixed pieces of pineapple, papaya and mango. I think it is 150 grams in those portion bags, and I find it in the freezer in one of my stores I buy food from.
In beforehand I cut the banana in small pieces and put them into the freezer. The keyword is deep frozen and icy cold.

I let the pineapple, mango and papaya-mix defrost just a little-bitty bit, and then I mix all the fruit together in a blender until I get a smooth “paste”. That’s made in a jiffy!
It’s essential, I’ve noticed, that you take the banana pieces straight out from the freezer. That seems to be what makes the sorbet creamy. Otherwise I only get a smoothie! (Not bad… just not intended!)

Decide in beforehand if you want to blend anything in the sorbet after mixing the fruit. Today I chose walnuts and goji berries. Blend it in quickly and then start eat immediately! It’s melting pretty fast.

If you’re eating all of this by yourself – which is easily done – you won’t be able to finish it before it have gone into a non-ice cream-state. But who cares!
It’s kind of the essence of this delicious treat! The gooey softness.


The most delicious chocolate ice-cream

At least I thought so while eating it. Then I thought I would make a blog-entrance about it and started editing the photo I luckily had taken before I munched the ice-cream.

Suddenly it didn’t look like the most delicious chocolate ice-cream at all! In this orange-red china bowl… placed on the small table in my glass room under a bright red parasol… It didn’t look tasty at all, despite the fact it DID taste like chocolate heaven! I tried photoshop elements to make the picture look good… I tried pixlr.com… the ice-cream looked either too red or too dark or too unnatural … *sigh…*

But before I gave this editing-thing up, I tried a photo editing program I haven’t used so much. Yet! Fotor!
And the result came out quite good! At least I think so.
You could eat this? Couldn’t you? No!!!!??? Yes?!?!??!!!?

chocolate icecream

Chocolate Ice cream natural stile without any added sugar at all!

Mix together…

  • 1 banana – earlier cut it in pieces directly into a bowl, then put in the freezer until every piece is frozen and still ice cold and hard… and…
  • 1 serving mixed frozen fruit (100 – 150 grams) – pineapple, mango and papaya – just barely unfrozen … and…
  • cocoa-powder – a couple of teaspoons of as dark as possible. I guess any kind of dark cocoa will do. I take what I have at home…
  • some cinnamon (optional) (I like it) (or why not some chili) (or ginger…)
  • nuts and seeds – one handful – I used today a mix of pumpkin- and sesame seeds. Choose your favorites

Try to mix this together as immediate as possible – yes the banana must still be frozen and the other fruit ice-cold – and it doesn’t matter if there are tiny pieces of fruit or nuts left. Besides that you’ll get a smooth but not too smooth ice-cream that tastes marvelous! You can easily eat all by yourself immediately. But it will be enough for sharing… hmmm…