Doing some reading

Even though I don’t write particularly much at present time, and this blog – that’s about it when it comes to writing, nothing more even worth mentioning – I read more now than I did before my move back home. And that’s awesome! I have always been a reading person, from the age of five when my father didn’t want to read to me any more. He said his throat hurt too much so I had to read myself from that moment on…

He smiled when saying it, but I took it seriously and started to embrace my favorite books without hesitating even a second. After all, I had been sitting in his lap following the words as he read them, so it wasn’t too difficult for me. And when I started to read other stories, and other books, and came upon a word I couldn’t read, he asked me to spell the letters to him, and then he said the word.

And soon I read anything and everything. Including texts on the cartons containing milk, cereals and other food. For years and years I read all the time and everywhere. Including on the toilet. Mamma got quite irritated more than once since I always had my eyes in a book or in some kind of magazine.

And when I started school and there was this library! Oh! I was in heaven!

Daddy always supported me and my reading, and during the years to come, he used to borrow book from the main City Library for me. And not only typical children’s books. Most of them I’ve forgotten now, but I do remember Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey which was published in 1948. They were son and daughter to:

Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr. (July 7, 1868 – June 14, 1924) was an early advocate of scientific management and a pioneer of time and motion study, and is perhaps best known as the father and central figure of Cheaper by the Dozen. Both he and his wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth were industrial engineers and efficiency experts who contributed to the study of industrial engineering in fields such as motion study and human factors.

I remember I loved that book, it was really funny, and I must have read it at least a couple of times.

As an adult I found it once somewhere, probably on my usual library, but that was a long time ago now. Would actually love to get my hands on it again and just read and enjoy and laugh.

Another book I remember from that time was one (or more than one?) written by Sven Hedin. There I read about his travels in Asia, especially I remember his travel through the Gobi Desert.

Yes! Already then I had the taste for adventures, which stretched far away out in the universe. Travels among the stars and the galaxies. WOW! That’s still one of my favourite genres. Though now I watch Star Trek and similar movies and series. Of course I’ve seen Star Wars, Dune – both the movie from 1984 and the mini serie from 2000. Both based on the eponymous novel by Frank Herbert. Sorry to say, I havn’t read that one. But I’m still alive and kickin’ and if I’m lucky I’ll find it on iBooks.

And this wasn’t at all what I was going to write about in this post. But I’m writing, and that’s really really good.

P.S. The current book I’m reading is The Jar Bell by Sylvia Plath. Found it as pocket at a second hand shop. And it’s not the first time I’m reading it. Fifth?

I have an idea of filling my book shelf with classical books I like. So iBooks isn’t the only place I find my reading moments. Though it’s very practical to have a library on the iPad (and the iMac and the MacBookPro, and the iPhone…)

And so… round and round it goes as years pass by, day by day…

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Queuing on the high way

It may look like nothing on the photo, but cars filled both lines as far as we could see both ahead of us, when we entered the high way, and behind. Luckily the whole thing could’ve been worse, we only had to crawl in snail-speed for 25 minutes. And 1800 meters…

The odd thing was, when the whole thing started to clear up at the next junction, we couldn’t see any cause of why the traffic was so jammed. No accident or such. Probably only too many trucks at the same time. There were sooooo many of them! And at this second junction, the high way splits in two.

Well, on the way home again, everything went smoothley.

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Afternoon tea in focus

Weekly Photo Challenge – in or out of Focus
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It seems like yesterday…

… when it was only early spring…

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C’est pas moi…

I’m just trying to organise my Image Collection

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Kept in order

Natures order?
Or humans interference?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

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The birdlake

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Strolling around…

… once in a while
again and again
in the time of summer

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There are days…

… and lately there have been quite many good ones.

In a couple of days I’ve been living here for four months. It must have been the best thing I’ve ever done, moving back home. To my hometown. To where my families live!

Long live workdays!
But LONG LONG LOOONG LIVE being a retiree, who’s finally been able to move back home again!!!

It’s not only the kids and their families. It’s the city itself as well. The old friends – and the new ones. People in general! The surroundings! The woods, the fields, the ocean, the – everything! Even the huge indoor/outdoor mall only about 3 miles away! It’s fun to go there. All the shops, boutiques, stores. Restaurants. Coffeshops. Ikea… people…

I’ve been too much alone for too long, so I kind of revel in mingling with people even though I don’t know them, don’t talk to them. I buy myself a cup of coffee, sit down for a while, and just watch them passing by. Listening to their voices, to the background music. Enjoying being in this energetic flow.

Funny! I’m actually more of an introvert than an extrovert, or maybe a mix of both in some way. But too much silence, loneliness and lack of intellectual and emotional stimulation can do this. Then you just have to engulf what you need, to fill you up.

And other hours I bike or walk alone in the woods, along the fields, at the beach…
I still very much need that too…

Rapeseed fields

And the bird lake

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The green spot

Fell into flow. Made an image – and then another one…

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Beware of…

… what your imagination might tell you about deep, dark waters . It may be all wrong…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger



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Strolling towards summer

who wouldn’t want
to stroll along a lake, a stream
or in the woods

experience the scents, the sounds
fill the eyes with beauty
be fully present there and then

and to get it all at once

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

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There will be apples

My photos is from Fredriksdal, Museums & Gardens.
I was there easter saturday, but since then it has been very cold and windy so I haven’t revisited the gorgeous surroundings since. But I will! It takes me only about 10 minutes to bike there from where I live, and now, only 10 days later and despite the harsh weather, it’s already much greener. Lovely summer-days are closing in

I was trying to explain about this wonderful museum-area in English, but I had to give up! Would probably have had difficulties explain about Fredriksdal in Swedish as well. It would have taken some serious amount of time, so to speak…

The link HERE is to the main site written in Swedish. At the top there is a Translation-button, but remember it’s generated by Google and as such there may very well be errors in the translation. But better than nothing!

And I’m so lucky to live in a city where there is so much to see and experience! So many parks and beautiful areas. And the long beeches… Well! The entire city is beautiful – on the whole…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

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Stockholm á la Ninna

Leaving by train…

… but I’ll visit again

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Pure happiness

When visiting the aunt – and she still has the cousins old wooden trains…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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Writing my heart out


I intended to!
I wanted to!
I need to!

But I don’t.

I quibbled a bit over my whatever-it-is on my Swedish blog yesterday, and felt ashamed afterwards because I quibbled. I don’t want to be or appear negative! I want to see things from the bright side, to be happy and positive! Not to be negative and see things on the black scale.

I do want, though, to write my heart out in the purpose of letting go of the past, of bad experiences, of the millions of thoughts that occupy my mind. But not even once I have done so!

One day I was thinking about writing something about loneliness – but I never came around doing it. Didn’t even start… didn’t try…

Another day I decided  to test my BeFocused app, and write for 30 minutes about whatever came to my mind. It went surprisingly well! Only for the last 4-5 minutes or so, I had difficulties to find words!

Now, just a couple of days later I can’t remember what I wrote. Not one single thing! I don’t even remember if I were quibbling or not! Maybe that’s good?

I should really do some more of that stuff. Not every day is a biking day! Some days it rains! Literally!


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Back to my old self…

One image only – edited and colorfully playfully enhanced – and not many words… if any…

On my way home from downtown city a week ago, I walked uphill and through a rhododendron path – and on the top I found this. Scilla coloring the ground blue, and a tree with funny … hm… appearance. The shadows intrigued me and now with the iPad in my hands, and Pixlr opened – I couldn’t resist trying to make the image even more spooky than the original. The sun in the eyes, you know…

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Feelings of security

The first I saw when I entered the wood (i.e. huge park-area) Pålsjö skog, was not all the beech trees nor the other burgeoning greenery. It was the endless carpets of wood anemones that caught my eyes. I stopped my bike, descended and just went on walking very slowly along the lane, breathing the fresh air, and drinking the beauty around me.

And spring is finally here, that’s for sure! (I hope)

At the old Pavillion, once upon a time built for dancing, you can sit down and enjoy waffles. With or without toppings. And with, for example, coffee! Sitting away from the slightly chilly wind, embracing the sun, was so wonderful. Feelings of being secure, calm, relaxed – and happy – filled me from top to bottom. Really good gut-feelings!

The pavillion, rotunda! If I don’t remember wrong, at least there are possibilities to dance here in the summer. Particularly Midsummer eve.

From some distance…

And no! No toppings for me. Cream makes me feel ill in my stomach; I don’t like jam – too sweet; and didn’t feel like having something salty today. But the waffle was delicious nevertheless. Hot, crispy and with a superb hint of vanilla.

Anemone quinquefolia is an early-spring flowering plant in the genus Anemone, native to North America. It is commonly called wood anemone, like Anemone nemorosa, a closely related European species. The American species has been treated as a subspecies of Anemone nemorosa.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security


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