Stockholm á la Ninna

Leaving by train…

… but I’ll visit again

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Pure happiness

When visiting the aunt – and she still has the cousins old wooden trains…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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The road taken

A little bit too hasty, perhaps?


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

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It’s 8 PM and all is well

That is! The switch from domain-blog to a not-domain-blog seems to have gone fine. At least as I can see it from here.

Everything is still in place, and the only thing I don’t know for sure or can see, is if you still can reach me. There’s still the same amount of followers so I hope so. Now when I intend to start take photos again. And add here… in this blog…

Don’t know why I worried, but I didn’t know for sure if…



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I have made up my mind

I will remove The domain, that is. Not the blog itself. So if everything goes the way I want, tomorrow the name of the blog is (instead of So if you’ve lost me you can find me there.

rainday9aIf everything goes totally wrong, I’ll still be at

So I hope for the best, that everything will still be here tomorrow. All posts, images, pages – you! If the theme changes – that doesn’t matter. I can easily choose any theme I like. I’ll do this sometime today, probably in the evening. I have some tasks I will attend to during daytime.

rainday8aFirst, though, I’ll download an export-file if I loose any content in the process. I think – I hope – the only thing that will change is the name.  But I won’t know for sure until all is done. I guess, if I have to use the export-file to import the contents back, the featured images wont be featured any longer, but I can live with that. I think.

Why am I a bit nervous? After all, if it’s lost. it’s lost! It’s not the end of the world! Is it? No, it isn’t. I know that! But still!

rainday1aI wish WP would provide sufficient informtion about things, about what actually happens when you do this or do that. But no.

As very common, manuals are written by those who know, to adress others who also already know and also understand the things that aren’t written.

But thanks Godess this isn’t Google!

And the images are without any meaning at all…
To the text-content…

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There is something on my mind

For four years now, I’ve had this Domain registration on this blog together with a privacy protection. In all 26 USD/year. I don’t want to have that any longer, I don’t want to pay anything at all to WP any longer. Not that 25 USD is the end of the world, but there are other things I rather would spend it on.

The main reason though, that I want to remove this domain upgrade, is that I think WP due to its “enhancements” has made blogging more irritating and time consuming. It’s not easier to move around, the “improved editor” is hopeless, and the app is… okay practical to use for scrolling through the reader…

I shouldn’t complain to much perhaps. Despite the “enhancements” WP still might be the best blogg-host, compared to other options – not  that I know of every option there is. (And as long as I won’t encounter But I don’t want to pay for this upgrade any longer. It isn’t worth it! The only noticable and visible change is the name. With the domain this blogs name is: Without it’s called So!!!!!!??????

And the privacy protection part? I can’t notice any difference from my other blogs! Maybe due to a strong password which I change now and then, and that the mailadress I have here, only is connected to WP and never use anywhere else?

But how do I do to get rid of it?


I must say! It’s D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T to find information. First of all to find any information, second to find a clear concise information about this particular question. After hours of searching, the only thing I found was that I could remove, but nothing says if I still will have I think so, but can I be sure? Will I still have my posts and my images? Will I still have YOU – my wonderful skillful followers? Or will everything be removed???? All of it????

I have been pondering, should I instead manually delete Words&Pics the ordinary way? Just poofff bang bye and gone forever the entire blog? And instead focus on my other blog where I write more? The blog A new beginning? (Haven’t written much lately, moved to another city, you know, will be back on track)
Or should I just remove “ the domain” and hope for the best! Taking a chance all the content still will be there and that none of you will lose me, and therefore I lose you.

Let me have a day or two to reflect on this a bit more. Somehow I’ll remove the domain. And I hope, if lost, we all can find each other again. There are ways!
I’ll be – if possible – at or – if the other occurs – at A new beginning where I in that case will post both images as well as written some-things.

And after all – I’ve just started A New Life! In my original hometown! I’ve already reconnected to some of my old friends AND have met new ones! In less then three weeks. Sometimes it feels funny, awkward, to change what eleven years have done to me, into not the old me, but into a new me. So now I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off, getting myself together, leaving the bad things behind, embrace the learnt lessons-  and start my life again, new and refreshed. In a much better place,

That, I think, is a good match. After all that has happened and to all that now will happen. 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Match

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Shadows in light

“Dance, my little angels, dance!”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow


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Words of Wisdom

I reblogged this from my other blog – A New Beginning –  where I write about This & That. More words than images over there! You’re very welcome to visit! 😀 ❤ 😀

A new beginning

I’m on Facebook mainly to find wise words and encouragements, (the rest is free to go somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.) Today I found this, published by Truth Teller.

Actually! I heard recently on my meditation/discussion-group, that the intelligence quote is descending throughout the world. Particularly in the western hemisphere and among youngsters. I have no numbers or statistics on this, but generally speaking I think it’s true. Just watch how many who think Facebook  and Twitter always delivers facts, always are true, and how many who are connected to these kinds of media lots and lots of hours! Who live through Internet

It also seems to be more and more kids that quit school without even basic knowledge in reading, writing and maths. And many – way too many – won’t even try to think for themselves. Don’t they want to learn something for themeselves? Do they only want to get what they need, served on a…

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Calmness & Gracefulness

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

It isn’t the first time I realize that I prefer warm colors over cold, light over darkness, even though I also want contrast both in light/dark and warm/cold. I realized now when I added the images, that three of them very much resemble each other. I guess that’s a part of my personal style. As for the meditative and spiritual… thing.

I’m happy that I seem to have started to play with images again, despite the fact I don’t presently take any new photos. So this one I’ve found in my foto-library from april 2008. It’s taken in Borås which I visited at that time. (Once upon a time I was born there…)
The staty is situated in the river Viskan, (river?!?!?), and the wall behind is the old Cinema-building, Röda Kvarn. (Red Mill; Moulin Rouge. 😉 ) I haven’t the faintest idea what it is used for nowadays. In 2008 it wasn’t used as cinema any longer, but I’ve forgotten what was in there instead. Some kind of theater?

The original

The original photo

So this is the original photo. Not a particularly good one technically speaking. I realized after a while, that that camera was pretty – LOUSY! Even my not-so-advanced cell phone at that time (not an iPhone) took better photos. My iPhone 5 now is excellent compared to that old HP. And I’m more and more longing for a real camera. … though I haven’t decided yet which camera I want. And don’t have that kind of money now. Need some stuff for my new apartment first.

The only thing I did with this before playing around with filters, was to crop it a little bit and slightly enhanced light, contrast and sharpened it with an easy hand

And here is a photo of the Cinema building “en face”.
(In 1968 when I moved away from this city, there were no such huge buildings. Time flies and other worlds are born… )

The old Cinema-building

The old Cinema-building

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Without words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


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To friends all over the world!


Strangers are friends we haven’t met yet!

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The prize

I came in second… at the music quiz.


A bit surprisingly, actually. And don’t look at those two!
We were about 25-30 human beings there…  DUH!!!
We had a sing-along part too. Even I participated.
THAT was a huge surprise to me!
The big prize


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Flaw-mess, not less

WP is messing up. Again!

This is me!

Some time ago, maybe a year even, they gave us some smileys to use – AND the code how to write them.
Now, when I intended to use one I thought was funny, the smiley didn’t appear as it was supposed to do!

It looked sad, which was neither my intention, nor my feelings. O_o

Nota bene! I’m NOT sad!!! O_o



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I have three blogs on the same WP-account.

I have this one, Words & Pics, which for a long time has been the primary blog. If I leave a comment somewhere and you click on the link there, you’ll end up here. Up till now, that is!

I have Small Kitchen – more for you, my readers, to get inspired, then to get proper recipes. I’m totally lousy when it comes to write recipes. And to follow, for that matter. I had also intended to write about food, about nutrition, about HEALTHY FOOD! – But I never seem to get along with that… So far…

And I have my Swedish blog, Min ostyriga penna – (My uncontrollable Pen, is the closest translation to that. Or is it better with: My disorderly Pen? HAHAHA!)
Anyhow, I have decided to write more on that blog, and hopefully get more readers as well. The tagline is: Om livet som det är och om att starta om på nytt – Which is something like: “About life as it is, and about how to start it fresh”  (Oh gosh! What a lousy translation! But you get the idea, don’t you?”)

And I’m now – simply speaking – just making my Swedish blog the primary one!

Consequences? As far as I know, only that when you click on my link at some comment I’ve written ON SOME OTHER BLOG THAN THIS, you’ll end up on my Swedish blog instead of on this one. And over there I’ve already added a widget with the link, for you to click on and come over here.

It’s actually the same as now, mais au contraire…

What I’ll write about? Mainly about how to create a new life after retirement and  – more important – after the mental burnout. This also includes starting to write fiction again! I lost that due to the burnout, and I want that ability back!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT And to read, to meet people, to… start living my life again!!!
Yes of course I could do that here as well, writing in English; and I will keep on writing and posting here! I just want to write in Swedish too! And hopefully get more friends there, here, closer to where I live! I would love to have more friends, in real life. I’m way too lonely as it is. I long for friends!

So. Yes! I’m reaching out here!


A little bit of everything

A little bit of everything

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once upon a time..

… some time ago – I made this image, and called it time
Don’t remember why

timeWe count our days and hours, have numbers as symbols, use them for time passing by, trying to make the world around us understandable, catchable, maybe even meaningful? We cut our lives in smaller pieces, days, hours, minutes, seconds…
fragments of what actually isn’t

simple puzzle. ten pieces. so what do we do, when we rock around the clock?
create universes?
fear big bang?
blow our minds in the wind?

timeSometimes feeling outdated,
bored until the limit of time,
don’t want this
don’t want that

chasing fractals in the sun
ending up with the cold side of the moon
slicked to the bosom

timeignoring time
just keep on being



Tick, tock, said the clock…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers



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Nytt på min svenska blogg: Min ostyriga penna IMG_7265
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Love my home


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