The city

Stockholm á la Ninna

Leaving by train…

… but I’ll visit again

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Back to my old self…

One image only – edited and colorfully playfully enhanced – and not many words… if any…

On my way home from downtown city a week ago, I walked uphill and through a rhododendron path – and on the top I found this. Scilla coloring the ground blue, and a tree with funny … hm… appearance. The shadows intrigued me and now with the iPad in my hands, and Pixlr opened – I couldn’t resist trying to make the image even more spooky than the original. The sun in the eyes, you know…

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From above – and below

My town! In the midst of  – and the oldest part of it.The (almost) original

I guess you know by now – I can’t resist colors.
And I certainly couldn’t resist to put roses in the sky

On the other side, behind my back that is,  we have the old tower. Kärnan. (The Core)
Built between 1310 and 1320.
The city itself is roughly 200 years older, but have roots from 800 – 1000.
While there were vikings lurking around the known world.
(sorry! This one is more dedicated to the history but isn’t translated into english.)
(and I refuse to do that)  (in english)

Yes! Color it was and color it is!

The close-UP! (LOL)

Slightly dreamy, ne c’ pas?
I really like this one!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

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Every road…

… leads to the Main City Library

Weekly Photo Challenge: The road taken

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Getting old. Or?


The Helsingborg harbour entrance with the light house – which is not quite as old as I have made it look. 😉 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Calmness & Gracefulness

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

It isn’t the first time I realize that I prefer warm colors over cold, light over darkness, even though I also want contrast both in light/dark and warm/cold. I realized now when I added the images, that three of them very much resemble each other. I guess that’s a part of my personal style. As for the meditative and spiritual… thing.

I’m happy that I seem to have started to play with images again, despite the fact I don’t presently take any new photos. So this one I’ve found in my foto-library from april 2008. It’s taken in Borås which I visited at that time. (Once upon a time I was born there…)
The staty is situated in the river Viskan, (river?!?!?), and the wall behind is the old Cinema-building, Röda Kvarn. (Red Mill; Moulin Rouge. 😉 ) I haven’t the faintest idea what it is used for nowadays. In 2008 it wasn’t used as cinema any longer, but I’ve forgotten what was in there instead. Some kind of theater?

The original

The original photo

So this is the original photo. Not a particularly good one technically speaking. I realized after a while, that that camera was pretty – LOUSY! Even my not-so-advanced cell phone at that time (not an iPhone) took better photos. My iPhone 5 now is excellent compared to that old HP. And I’m more and more longing for a real camera. … though I haven’t decided yet which camera I want. And don’t have that kind of money now. Need some stuff for my new apartment first.

The only thing I did with this before playing around with filters, was to crop it a little bit and slightly enhanced light, contrast and sharpened it with an easy hand

And here is a photo of the Cinema building “en face”.
(In 1968 when I moved away from this city, there were no such huge buildings. Time flies and other worlds are born… )

The old Cinema-building

The old Cinema-building

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The library


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror
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Browsing the city…

… inside that folder hidden in my photo library
… finding that I don’t have that many photos
taken from walkabouts in the city
… not at all as many as I could have had

if I only…
would do walkabouts in the city

but ifs never accomplish anything


… but I like this image from february 2015…
a brisk day, I remember

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

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A soft…

… lazy… sunday afternoon?

31 maj 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape
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Dec 2008


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Icy cold, and beautiful


Of course I’ve made something to this photo! Who do you think I am? I just can’t let it be, can I? O_o

This monday was a cold day. While I was having breakfast the thermometer showed -13,4 C (below zero). On Sunday the temperature had been dropping and late that evening snow started to fall. And kept on falling during the entire night.

At lunch it was stunningly beautiful! I went for a walk and it wasn’t as cold as in the morning any longer. And the temperature was slowly rising! (Well… can’t say it became warm though…) And I had to be really careful to where and how I put my feet.

Well! Melting soft snow and hard ice on the streets, become a dangerously messy and slippery mix. It doesn’t help much to strew sand on the sidewalks and biking paths. There are always spots that are pure ice. And on the streets it’s even worse. The friction heat that creates when cars at street corners pull in and then speed up again, makes crossing a street to an almost life threatening task.

But the next morning most of the snow and ice were gone! And it was raining…
So typically at this part of the country where I live! By the west-coast seaside. Changes! Changes! Can’t be boring, eey?
(It can)


The original – just smaller >:D!


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Be careful!

Don’t break a leg!!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful
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Photos on the run

A little creepy, huh?
Bad weather on the go?
Heavy, heavy rain, perhaps?
Me soaking wet in five seconds?


Heading west. Kind of dark over there… over the sea… over the beaches… dark clouds… typically! The day I had decided to bike to the seashore!


Nope! Not blue! Not really! That’s me messing around with the picture. The clouds were pitch dark… eh… dark gray…. yeah! Dark gray! But I prefer blue to gray. Especially the sky. (Better hold both hands on the handlebars here. Soon crossing a street…)


No-no-no-no! I didn’t fall! I was taking photos while biking! HUH!  Not a particularly good idea though. Not if you want to know what you’re doing while photographing. And while biking… But on the other hand! Who wants pictures where the streets are plain, the houses have four 90-degree corners at the right angles, and everything else is just plain… booooooring… I have a strong feeling that wouldn’t be… me.  – – – – – – –  Hot town, summer in the city….

A bit further ahead I turned left, now heading south and left the darkest clouds behind me. (What a sentence!!!! Head  left head left!)
I didn’t get soaking wet! But today has been a very warm day, a very warm day indeed to be biking. Quite steamy, actually.
Funny weather nowadays… heavy rains, cold days when it should be warm, then sticky warm days – and often very windy.


I didn’t stop at the beach. I biked through the area and then went home again. Therefore no beach pictures. Not today.
Did 12,4 kilometers on the bike though. That’s good. Due to the circumstances a sufficient tour! Well. Very good! Personal best in 2015! So far! Despite my lower back and hips hurt now. I ignore that…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

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I see a red door…

Don’t want it painted black


Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

just another latecomer…

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Gateway to heaven?

IMG_5384Weekly Photo challenge: Door

(okay! I’m late. So what? Better late then never!) 😀 


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I don’t know if this could be called off-season, but this is what can happen with a ordinary photo when I get caught in Photoshop.

I rather wonder what kind of light that is, descending from the sky in some kind of radiated waves. Does it emanate from a ship from outer space?
From another dimension?
The beginning of a huge solar flare?

Or is it just my imagination that is going on a far-fetched trip…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-season

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Coloring my world

IMG_5230_edited-2Weekly photo challenge: Vivid

(it’s kind of finding “a way to the other side” as well…)


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View from a window

27-juli-2010-Stockholm-city-1Stockholm. An evening in July 2010.
I was visiting my daughter and her husband in their recently bought apartment, and I had a couple of wonderful summer days.

The church on the big picture! I don’t know the name of it! Don’t live in Stockholm myself, you see. Just visiting once in a rarely while.
Linda probably told me. I probably forgot almost immediately.

I could guess though!
I could google!
… the two towers might make that possible…

27_7-2010-utsikt-clearHögalidskyrkan… The church of Högalid… “the high slope”… “The Church on the way up to the top the High Hill”…

That’s a very logical name. I didn’t actually see that until I translated it into english. Even though I’m familiar with the old Swedish word “lid”, which is a very common ending of street names. A path up/down a hill! A slope!
Things you are very used to, you don’t always pay attention to.

It was very common further back in time, to name geographical issues like a village, an island et cetera, after specific occurrences in the environment. F.ex. if there was a creek, a high hill, a moor, or a bridge nearby.
Suffix or prefix could also language-wise come from other areas and countries. During the last 800-1000 years or so, the Swedish language have increasingly developed not only within the Germanic language family, but from many other realms as well. Latin, greek, hungarian. We mostly don’t even know any longer, where these particular words have come from. Unless one has specific interest in the history of languages of course.

But that is a slightly other story. Quite a big one though. And interesting!

On the whole, migrations and new settlements over big areas have undoubtedly influenced in many ways. Not only the language, but also culture, food, music… name it, you got it!
And we – we all kind of got a bit mixed up by that… O_o


Daytime stroll

Well! Back to Stockholm 2010!

The photographer – me – is standing by (at?) a window in the part of our Capital city called “Söder” – “South” – (situated just south of Gamla stan – The Old Town), and this island is really a Hill! Quite steep! I remember the walkings from the Metro station up here…

Apropos Stockholm! The name! I think I know why it’s called that! (At least I can guess, can’t I!) 
The part “holm” must come from “holme” which means a small island
The part “stock” could refer to woodcut. Logs who had been transported floating down streams from the woods somewhere up north-west down to the East-sea for further transport to… well… somewhere. Buying and selling, you know! And building.

That could be true, or at least a part of the truth, but I think the word “stock” rather refer to the meaning of the verb “to congest”. And since “holm” means a small island, it suggests Stockholm consists of lots of islands! Cluttered together, parted by water…
And it does! Small islands and bigger island and lots of water! All this 
between the East-sea (Östersjön) and the big lake Mälaren, also with lots of islands, peninsulas, coves… (have absolutely no idea how to translate that name. You just have to take it as it is…)

“Gamla stan” – the Old city – is a fairly small island in the middle of everything, and the very first population settled there. Very strategically! Sheltered by water on each side, benefitting from fishing, trading, by boats reaching to any coast they wanted! Even for concurring…
And then the town grow into a city over the centuries. S
uccessively more and more nearby islands were inhabited, and today Stockholm is a fairly big city. Not huge! Fairly big!

I might be wrong about all this – except for walking up the hill… and for the language part…
What do I know…
It’s early saturday morning and I haven’t slept well, so what do you expect of me? (just kidding)

Anyway! Stockholm is stunningly beautiful! That I do know!
And so you can correct what I may have said wrongly, here is a link to Wikipedia/Stockholm/history.

27_7-2010-utsikt-clearWeekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

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