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Just a piece on the dairy industry prospering on our health, or rather – lack of health

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The movement towards a (more) plantbased eating is scaring the hell out of those industries that earns money on us who are hooked on these drugs that makes you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is another eye-opening movie you can watch on Netflix).

Of course they don’t want us to go vegan! They’ll do anything and everything to keep the money-flow in to their pockets! But milk, cheese et cetera is NOT good for your heart! And you don’t get calcium that way either. Your body is unable to process that calcium and benefit from it.

Drugs? Yes! Dairy products, especially cheese since it’s highly concentrated, contains not only these fatty, salty, gooey tastes that we find so delicious and unresistable, but also hormones and something called casomorphines which is highly addictive.

This is not only good, it’s necessary when it comes to babies feeding, whether it’s a human…

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The task on for Weekly Photo Challenge this week was a bit tricky. A good match!
Lot’s of things goes very well together, but my mind went blank.

Then I cooked. Just plain spaghetti with tomato sauce. Simple enough! But if that doesn’t go well together – what does?


The sauce is made of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tomatoes and spices.

Red chilipaste, some broth, oregano, salt, lemonpeppar… Just boil, mix together, spice it enogh to your own taste. I also added som fresh spinach.

Then enjoy with spaghetti. In my case, glutenfree.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A good match

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A yellow curry-stir-fry with chick-peas, veggies and basmathi-rice
The curry-mix enhanced with turmeric, ginger, cumin, ground fennel seeds, a pinch of black pepper (for the cumin), and some fresh lemon juice.
And some sea-salt.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime
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Saturday dinner

Tomato soup with red lentils, chili, garlic and celery. Small diced bits of grilled chicken.
As dessert – Gooey buttery apple-cake with vanilla, cardamom and lemon. Coconut cream and strawberries
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Yes! I allowed myself a big serving of grilled chicken today. With basmati rice, mango chutney and mixed greens. I just love it!

How good can things get? As good as I want!

(also on my Swedish blog… Min ostyriga penna/frosseri)

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to learn or not to learn…

… is the question. Upon which I without hesitation answer Yes! To learn!

Recently I learned a very neat way to cut an avocado into cubes.
Very easily and quickly done, and you don’t necessarily have to wash your hands afterwards.


First you cut the avocado in half and remove the pit.


Then cut the flesh into cubes – preferably with the peel intact…


Squeeezzzee the cubes into the salads bowl


Finally mix everything together and spice it to taste with olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, salt and any other spice of your choice and liking

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I can also do it! Can’t I?

This is Carl Larsson. A Swedish painter. And his kitchen. It’s huge and it’s colorful! The house he lived in is huge. I’ve seen it. From the outside. It was in the midsst of the summer and vacation time and lots and lots of tourists (breath!) and there was a hugely long queue waiting to come in and see the interior. We – I and my friend – didn’t want to wait that long for our turn. We left for some other place.

Carl Larsson himself was huge! Still is. A gifted painter and as such very well known. He died in 1919 but people still love his paintings, visit the house where he lived for a “look-around”, and overall get inspired and feel nostalgic by his paintings.

I agree! There’s some huge dosis of pure nostalgia in his works. Romantic.

I don’t know who painted the walls in their home, but his wife created all the interior decorations. That I know. Painted furnitures, wove drapes, sewed, needled, whatever it takes to create textiles and other things – Yeah, she created the entire house, so to speak!
Except, then, for the paintings, ha ha. That was his area. And he was the one who became very well known. Okay! Nowadays also she gets credit for her skills. (Womens lib….)

This is my kitchen! Yes! All of it is my kitchen!
It’s puny, and almost all white. So I added some extra starlight and sunshine to it. On the photos, that is. And I can do that over and over again if I want to!
I don’t get paid to do so, but my reward is nevertheless huge. I feel good

C.L. painted oils, watercolors, and frescoes. On canvas – and obviously on walls.
I “paint” photos with some or another editing program. Hardly ever print them. At least  not so far.
I can’t even draw a straight line with my hands. Not to mention curves. But I can use my Macbook – and my soon to be – iMac!!!! YIEEAHOOOOOOOO

C.L. is well known
Well… I’m… not… but those whom I care for, knows me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Life imitates art


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Not a big issue…

Just oven rosted vegetables. Potato, carrot, swede, one broccoli stem, red onion. Cut, sprinkled with olive oil and dashed with some salt and blackpepper. In the oven for about 25-30 minutes. 200C warmth, a bit hotter at the end to get more color to the veggies.

On the plate is also cooked quinoa and hummus – chick peas, roasted sesame seeds, and garlic thoroughly mixed. Add water to make it smooth.  Also olive oil, lemon juice, and taste with salt, black pepper, cumin and any herb you like. Cilantro is really nice to this.

And to that – fresh grens, red bell pepper, and some extra lemon.


I also made some dessert. Have strawberries in the freezer so I had some on a plate and put them in the oven to defrost. Then mixed the thick coconut cream with some vanilla and a few drops of lemon juice.

When I took out the strawberries from the oven, they were warm on the outside but still cold inside – not still frozen though  – I added the cream, and dashed some roasted sesame seeds and cocoa powder on top of it.

Oh gosh! That was a delicious dinner!

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Ninna goes vegan

and that’s about time…

… and as much raw food as I – my stomach – can handle.

But I have to learn more about vegan cooking. I can’t only eat sallads and lentil soups. And I have run out of ideas, though I’m not a stranger to vegetarian cooking. Not at all. But to stop eating eggs is probably the most difficult part. I must give myself a period of adjustment.

IMG_6311But I have my health to think about, eating the right food is essential, and now is a good time to change habits. Luckily I already neither eat diary products nor anything with wheat and rye, and I use almost no sugar – and never white. I have also been eating less and less meat, and this christmas when I DID eat meat – it became obvious to me meat isn’t my kind af food.

IMG_6312At first I browsed youtube for health videos, actually have done so for a while, and just the other day I stumbled upon a young women who also recommended a really good vegan website. And, Yes! That one seems to be a very nice site, indeed, and I’ll keep on looking for inspiration there – as well as recipes – and also for more tips on Youtube.

Link to Ella here on her logo:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Time
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Things you find when you’re not looking

These days, with tooth ache and all, besides all the movie watching and sleeping, I have also been trying to get some order among my photos. Should have done that a long time ago. Well! Better late than never, I guess.

Together with (stupid but sometimes fun) Griswold in N.L Vacation, I browsed my food-photos. Found this. Laughed. (I like the N.L. Christmas Vacation movie though.)

I wonder what I was thinking about when editing this photo! Imaginative though!

And the non-gluten pizza? Don’t remember. But think it tasted good.


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What a coincidence! What a treat!

I had just posted this on my other blog – Small Kitchen – when I saw this weeks theme was Treat. So why not post it here as well! It’s late friday afternoon. A good time for treats. Not only once. Twice! Or as many as I like!


Comfort food!

Mashed root vegetables with butter and seasalt, “quick-bread” and pickled cucumber


I don’t know how nutritious this might be, but I felt like having something like this today! Comforting! Warm! Rich! A Vata-balancing treat, I would say.

The Mash
  • two small/medium sized potatoes
  • about the same amount of swede (rutabaga/swedish turnip)
  • one small carrot (not too small)
  • black pepper – finely grounded
  • sea salt
  • parsley
  • butter

Peel the vegetables and cut them into cubes, ruffly 1 cm in size
Cook until soft – you can have a small amount of salt or broth in it, but don’t make it salty! Sea salt comes later.
Mash it ruffly with a big dash of butter and some liquid – I use the liquid it’s cooked in, but take only little of it! If too much the mash won’t be a mash any longer but rather some kind of gruel. It also tastes so good with soft pieces of veggies left in the mash.
Taste with black pepper, seasalt and finely chopped parsley.

The “quick-bread”
  • One egg
  • 3 tablespoons of maize flour
  • seeds – pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds – about a handful
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • a dash of oil – rapeseed or olive
  • some sea salt

Blend thoroughly and fry on medium temperature on both sides until golden color and dry. Use a big frying pan and some butter or coconut oil, and make the bread as big and thin as possible, almost like a pancake.

I like pickled cucumber to this, and also some french Dijon mustard. Strong but not sweet.

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Connected to Life

Love yourself, stay connected to the source.
Give you a treat and enjoy the moment.
You’re worth it, you know
since you’re a perfect being
created to be, the gorgeous person you are.


Ice cream made of strawberries and a banana. Frozen of course.
Otherwise it won’t be this creamy delicious saturday afternoon treat.
Hidden inside: goji berries, walnuts and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
And on top – some cool sea buckthorn

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected
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Chicken Casserole

I still cook! Sometimes.
And once in awhile I actually take a photo of the course in question – even though food-photographing isn’t my best talent. But since I like food, and I quite like blogging as well – here it is!

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