Livet från den ljuva sidan, Mother nature, Odd Poetry, Picture-esque

Everything has its ending

the day
the summer
green leaves
the old table
the ultimate ending

endings includes a beginning
something new
a new morning
new green leaves
what about the table?

it may seem as if we are framed
in time
but go outside the frame
and you will get a new perspective
maybe even see  – the whole
the holiness

there are no frames
we just think so
and there is no death

IMG_2016 1200

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame
Livet från den ljuva sidan, Odd Poetry

Lucky me!

looking up, I can sometimes see blue sky
when it’s not all cloudy and raining

looking up, I can sometimes see birds flying
when they aren’t sitting in a tree, chattering about something

looking up, I can’t see where I put my feet but it doesn’t matter
since I have my head above the clouds anyway

and above the clouds the sky is always blue

Lucky me!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Look up

Beaches, Livet från den ljuva sidan, Mother nature, Odd Poetry

Ocean curves

It’s just an ordinary summer day,
with boringly endless sand
and the sun hidden in southwest.
The water seems to be mostly grayish.
Dark clouds are heaping up from the horizon,
and there’s a chill stroking down your spine.
Nothing seems to be what it really is.


Livet från den ljuva sidan, Odd Poetry, This&That

once upon a time..

… some time ago – I made this image, and called it time
Don’t remember why

timeWe count our days and hours, have numbers as symbols, use them for time passing by, trying to make the world around us understandable, catchable, maybe even meaningful? We cut our lives in smaller pieces, days, hours, minutes, seconds…
fragments of what actually isn’t

simple puzzle. ten pieces. so what do we do, when we rock around the clock?
create universes?
fear big bang?
blow our minds in the wind?

timeSometimes feeling outdated,
bored until the limit of time,
don’t want this
don’t want that

chasing fractals in the sun
ending up with the cold side of the moon
slicked to the bosom

timeignoring time
just keep on being


Tick, tock, said the clock…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers



Livet från den ljuva sidan, Odd Poetry, Picture-esque


the future is now
when your laying your puzzle
chunks, bits and pieces
in the choice of your own

so don’t even think
of glueing them together
in a malicious pattern
you don’t adore


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future
Livet från den ljuva sidan, Odd Poetry

You know…

there´s light in the darkness

without darkness
there can’t be light
the one can’t be – without the other

this is a universal law


Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-light

Livet från den ljuva sidan, Odd Poetry

Being in time

there is no such thing as

the future has not yet
the past is since long

so use your precious 
to be fully alive and 

to be in the only time
you have


Livet från den ljuva sidan, Odd Poetry

The Day

It’s Friday – and Friday it was!
And it came out to be really nice!
P was all right, and by all means –
could she really be… otherwise?

Fourteen people gathered,
no possibility neither
to “butter” nor to be un-nice.

I got presents, I got hugs,
I got laughter and I got smiles.
And when they asked how I felt,
I just answered – Wonderful!
It’s the best day of my life!

Not because I was there
with almond cake on the plate
and coffee quite near

It is the sense of freedom
from rules and demands,
to feel the closeness
of friends all around,
and that the start of my new life
finally is here

Bye, bye, my past!

a word of wisdom I once found on Facebook – while I still had Facebook…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Home sweet Home, Odd Poetry

early this morning

I’m amazed
and astound
so close to heaven and earth
living not next to
but within


and last night
the stars so bright
so shiny and close on black velvet sky

long time has gone
since last I’ve seen
since last I’ve been
so within
heavens nature

(this is not “Oops” – this is WOW)

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a candle is lit
and magic appears


Weekly Photo Challenge

Beaches, Odd Poetry

I love…

I love the beaches and the woods
and filling my life with colors.
I love to be present in the Now
and listen to relaxing Music.
Feeling the joy of being alive
knowing that everything is
just as it is supposed to be.
Love! Infinite unconditional love!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place
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Connected to Life

Love yourself, stay connected to the source.
Give you a treat and enjoy the moment.
You’re worth it, you know
since you’re a perfect being
created to be, the gorgeous person you are.


Ice cream made of strawberries and a banana. Frozen of course.
Otherwise it won’t be this creamy delicious saturday afternoon treat.
Hidden inside: goji berries, walnuts and some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
And on top – some cool sea buckthorn

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected
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spirit, mind and matter

I tried to write a poem
but the words failed to come
and the only thing left of the feeling
was the fragrance of a silent rain
but not a single rhyme


… and down below just a couple of randomly chosen, very lovely entrances – and there are many more at…
Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected
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You ask about inspiration?
I’ll tell you about inspiration.

I’ts the voice inside you,
your inner being
fully connected to the wholeness,
to the source.

It’s vibrance!
It’s color!
It’s black and white,
it’s dark and light.
It’s unconditional love!

It’s life itself.
All there is.

The possibility to create and recreate
all you want
including yourself.

IMG_5424enhancedpixlAbout the picture:
If I had aimed more for illustrating Inspiration in an image, it should perhaps had shown nature, the forrest and the sea, the colors. Sunshine and warm summer, crispy blue in september and the first green in mars or april. Or something like that…

I havn´t done any photographing outdoors in a long time. Haven’t been at the seaside (too many tourists) nor in the forrest (too far away to bike), but I took a bunch of photos in the church hall the day before yesterday. We were removing all the chairs and other equipment, in order to replace the wooden floor with a new one.

Today I was browsing the photos. And got caught by the accidental composition of this one. It’s not the room, not the church itself, not the men, not even the window – it’s about the light coming in through the window, the shadows. The liveliness in the midst of the stillness.

And of course I edited and enhanced. Particularly the saturation. To bring out the invisible colors…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

iPhoneografy, Odd Poetry, Picture-esque

On my way…

I say!

follow your heart
choose the road to go
the path to follow

it is as simple as that

it isn’t, you say?
hard to know, you say?
to choose what’s right?

I say!

follow your heart
listen within
and go with trust

life is an adventure
right or wrong does not exist
things just are as you choose them to be

See – that life is good! IMG_1369-1200Weekly Photo Challenge: On the way…

iPhoneografy, Odd Poetry, Picture-esque

you never know…

serenity1In ten years from now I might not even live
death might have taken me one early morning
to give me a joyride to the moon and the sun…
and the heaven above

you never know…

or maybe I’ve turned into an old bitchy lady
with henna in the hair purple flowered skirt
and a voice like a discordant… accordion

you never know…

but I don’t think so…

or will I be doing great things
this little aging lady with hair growing white
a neat little dress and stiff upperlips
steady hands and a flair for… esprit de finesse

you never know…

but I don’t think so either…

I haven’t the slightest clue
what will happen while I grow older
I just go with the flow
with the meaning of life
and I live my life in this very instant…
for ever and ever

that I know

* * *

 WPC: Blur – as the future life is

Odd Poetry, Picture-esque

to believe…


Merely a shadow is our life
a reflection of a dream to come,
suddenly appearing
from an unknown realm
and then just as suddenly gone

So what is right and what is wrong?
Who can tell and still go on?
And does it really matter!
When you just have to believe,
and the world will turn you up-side-down.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

Odd Poetry, Writing

dream girl, dream

the most absent-minded thing you can do
must be to search for your cellphone
while talking to someone
– on the very same phone…

or maybe searching for your specs
with two pairs on your forehead
and the third on your nose
– and don’t notice them at all…

I do the dishes
listen to Billy Holiday
and dream about big things to do
writing that novel
making those pictures
– and keep myself on the go…

… dreaming of…
finding a man to love
that don’t mind
a rose who once in a while
get lost in her thoughts…