Mother nature

What would my landlord say…

… if I actually painted that piece of fence like this?

But I guess it would be easier on me, to make my life more colorful in another way. Like editing my photos into something else. (Or use some kind of fabric)

Anyhow! I hope my tomatoes will turn red eventually. That doesn’t seem 100% likely. Maybe some but not all. This summer has so far been too cold. Not enough sun and warmth. And today it’s raining!

At the same time it hasn’t been raining enough either lately.
“It can never rain too much before midsummer”, my dad used to say. And he knew what he was talking about as son of a farmer and always had a big garden himself.
And it has certainly not rained enough before midsummer this year. In many places it’s water shortage, and restricted how much we can water the gardens.

We are spoiled here in Sweden! We are used to have plenty of water! And some people are stupid, many times they even water their lawns. Stupid, since if anything can stay alive even after long time of drought – it’s grass. They just don’t want their lawns to turn yellow. It’s ugly.
Those people are spoiled, stupid, and can’t think longer than their own noses.

Todays rain! Actually! I’m happy about that! Not only because the soil needs water. I have also an excuse too stay indoors today. Don’t get me wrong! I never force myself to go out, take a bike ride somewhere, or a walk. I can hardly stop myself from that! But sometimes it’s also very good to stay indoors. To do other stuff. And so far I’m stuck in front of the computer. One post here… planning on another to the Small Kitchen blog… maybe som reading then… bake a cake for afternoon tea…

Tomatoes or no tomatoes, if they get the warmth and time they need too ripen isn’t the most important thing in the world.
But it would be very nice!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage
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The birdlake

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Strolling around…

… once in a while
again and again
in the time of summer

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There are days…

… and lately there have been quite many good ones.

In a couple of days I’ve been living here for four months. It must have been the best thing I’ve ever done, moving back home. To my hometown. To where my families live!

Long live workdays!
But LONG LONG LOOONG LIVE being a retiree, who’s finally been able to move back home again!!!

It’s not only the kids and their families. It’s the city itself as well. The old friends – and the new ones. People in general! The surroundings! The woods, the fields, the ocean, the – everything! Even the huge indoor/outdoor mall only about 3 miles away! It’s fun to go there. All the shops, boutiques, stores. Restaurants. Coffeshops. Ikea… people…

I’ve been too much alone for too long, so I kind of revel in mingling with people even though I don’t know them, don’t talk to them. I buy myself a cup of coffee, sit down for a while, and just watch them passing by. Listening to their voices, to the background music. Enjoying being in this energetic flow.

Funny! I’m actually more of an introvert than an extrovert, or maybe a mix of both in some way. But too much silence, loneliness and lack of intellectual and emotional stimulation can do this. Then you just have to engulf what you need, to fill you up.

And other hours I bike or walk alone in the woods, along the fields, at the beach…
I still very much need that too…

Rapeseed fields

And the bird lake

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The green spot

Fell into flow. Made an image – and then another one…

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Beware of…

… what your imagination might tell you about deep, dark waters . It may be all wrong…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger



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What a day!

Beautiful as a fairy’s butt. With white snow that had been falling during the night, and the sun shining from a clear blue sky. And I stayed indoors the entire day.

You see, the temperature rose to just above zero, and with the help of warm sunbeams the snow started to melt. But it was still cold so soon the biking- and walking lanes became covered with a slippery mess of snow, water and ice. Nothing for me to walk on. Nor bike. I was hoping all snow and ice would disappear during the day.


This evening I was supposed to visit my daughter, M. I intended to bike there. I always bike my way around. But about 6.30 PM she texted me: “It’s icy”. I texted her back and said I had been thinking about that, and would go out for a short test-walk.

The test-walk, with the bike, revealed it was icy spots on the lane. Some big, some minor. But if it would only be like this all the way, it might be okay to go along. I couldn’t take that for granted, though.

I texted: “There are spots. Let’s meet another day. Safer that way.”

Then I went along, with the bike, to the nearby grocery store. Bought myself a couple of things I needed, and a couple of things I shouldn’t have, and went home again. Another way. A slightly longer way. And soon, very soon, I realised I was very very happy I had the bike with me to lean on.

But came eventually home safe and sound. And saw a couple of kids dancing on the ice-spots like fairies.

You don’t do that kind of things after you’ve reached a certain age. Though I can’t say what that age is…

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Living space

In the middle of everything.

Just wondering… is this house still there? Nine years have gone since I visited this area. What does it look like in the summer? When the trees and bushes are green, how much of the house can you see from the road? And the people who live there? Do they only live there during the summer, or all year around? Questions arise in my mind, I won’t get any other answers than my imagination gives me.

It seems to be nostalgically romantic, doesn’t it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Early spring, a lovely sunny day some  years ago.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Towards the end

… and a new beginning. 

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Soon moving from here and now…

… to there and later
which then will be –
here and now!

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

(P.S. There is actually no snow here right now – nor there.)

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Weekly Photo Changings: Transmogrify

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Autumn just around the corner

For the time being I’m the lousiest photographer ever. Well, I never consider myself being a photographer, but you know what I mean, I guess. I never take any pictures any longer! Other than occasionally one or two from where I live, or just around the corner.

A friend of mine helped me understand why. I’m suffering from something I don’t no what it’s called in English. A burnout, we say here in Sweden. Or as it also is called, a “Mental Fatigue Syndrome” due to stress for a long time.

I knew I had been living in stress for several years which I couldn’t do anything about, and it was a huge relief when I retired in January. It took some time but slowly I started to feel better. My ability to concentrate came back, I could read again, it was fun to blog, I started to work on my novel again and I put in a lot of time and energy. It was SO fun! I loved every minute of it! I also enhanced my biking tours, and in beginning of May I was very hopeful about my health and my future.

That was what I thought! But it didn’t last! Everything started to hurt more then ever before. An inflammation in the hip area, sciatic pain started may 2nd which now runs down both legs. Back and neck pain. Stiffness. Bad sleep. Frustration. Good days mixed with bad days. Hope and hopelessness.

Featured Image -- 18194I concentrated on the pain and the inflammation. Turmeic, garlic, ginger, healthy food. Tried to exercise little at a time but every day. Yes, at first I could still read, write, blog, and I did ride my bike – but not as much as I had wanted.
Actually! Biking helped me soften the sciatica and the muscles, since it was very difficult to stand and to walk.
Every morning after breakfast I biked somewhere, and could reasonably well manage the rest of the day. If I didn’t sit too much and for too long periods.

Then about a month ago I realised I became even more tired, irritated, couldn’t concentrate. I even screamed straight out when things messed with me, which I normally never do. I called it ADHD-outbursts and got a bit amazed. I had never done that before. Been screaming and throwing things around me.

IMG_5405My novel became undoable to work with, I was unable to do anything it seemed. I dropped all and everything on the floor. Couldn’t force myself to do the dishes properly, or clean the apartment… my bathroom is semi-icky, my kitchen is icky-icky. I kind of lost myself and couldn’t understand why!

But I have a friend who lives not far away from me. She’s diagnosed with this “mental fatigue syndrome” and had earlier said that I also suffered from it.
“Oh no”, I said then. “I have fibromyalgia and inflammation around the hip bones and sciatic pain. It will pass! Turmeric works! And all the green stuff I eat… bla… bla…. bla…

The truth was, I did eat a lot of healthy food, but I got so bored with it I almost could scream! So between periods with kale and spinach, vegan stuff and super berries, I just had to have bacon or grilled chicken or something with eggs. And got frustrated since nothing seemed to help! I failed to follow the diet I had put on to myself! All those extra vitamins and minerals. I failed with everything.

I did bike, I did try to take walks, I did do my gymnastic training with rubber bands and such. And I did create those posters I had to do. But it was difficult, and I always managed too little, and with too much painful reactions! Or extra fatigue.

All this TRYING!
Takes hours of trying to do something – and still you don’t do it! The dishes for example. Or putting books aside since you can’t understand even one word. Not even being able to watch a movie! Not going anywhere, meeting people. Feeling lonely and depressed – no one loves me, no one misses me, no one cares! Crying. A lot of crying!

Then it was revealed to me, the main cause was mostly psychological! Stress! And that I kept on stressing myself! Probably an inflammation as well, but that wasn’t the main issue, not the starting point. The pain wasn’t the starting point.

I felt really relieved after that conversation with my friend. That and the easy-understanding article she had me read. And she also very clearly pointed out – “You Ninna, are an HSP! A Highly Sensitive Person!”

So after about a month of hitting the bottom (bounce bounce), this big AHA made me feel a bit better. Not well, but better. I’ll now try: not to try so much, not to worry, not to bother. It won’t be easy, but at least it is a way that seems to be the right one. And I’ve written this now. HUGE!fullsizeoutput_2556

I couldn’t stop pondering how many hours it would take me to finish this blog post. Probably most of the day. And I, who wanted to write something about this in Swedish as well!!! Too much for me to perform now? Probably… At least I have written this. And in English!!! So how many hours did it take? I’m not quite sure. Four?


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Everything has its ending

the day
the summer
green leaves
the old table
the ultimate ending

endings includes a beginning
something new
a new morning
new green leaves
what about the table?

it may seem as if we are framed
in time
but go outside the frame
and you will get a new perspective
maybe even see  – the whole
the holiness

there are no frames
we just think so
and there is no death

IMG_2016 1200

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame
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Ocean curves

It’s just an ordinary summer day,
with boringly endless sand
and the sun hidden in southwest.
The water seems to be mostly grayish.
Dark clouds are heaping up from the horizon,
and there’s a chill stroking down your spine.
Nothing seems to be what it really is.


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A piece of Paradise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant
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Beauty and joy

Jubilant and thankful! For the summer, the richness of the nature, the beauty. Life. Creativity. Fantasy. Love. Being thankful never stops!

Maybe even for catching a cold? A real cold for once with all normal ingrediences! Though it isn’t particularly fun to spend days in bed instead of on the bike or on the patio, reading or writing. But it will pass!


Sunday afternoon when this cold begun, I got a very distinct feeling this cold was actually very good for me. That it was helping my body to set things right. Help it heal further, both psychologically and physically. Living with stress for years and years isn’t good at all, and I’m realizing more and more that things happens when the stress is gone! A lot of things are happening in the body because of the release!

There are hours and days with total peace and happiness, feeling relaxed and enjoying life. But also hours and days with depressive symptoms, crying, fatigue, anger, despair. And that sore throat/bronchitis thing for more than a month. The ischial pain down the leg that is still haunting me. And days in between not feeling good at all. And now this cold. The whole thing is surprising, fantastic, awful, wonderful…

What makes me going, even through the bad days, is that I know I’m going through a huge change. And during a change – or a healing process of any kind – one does feel worse before it’s settling down and one starts to feel better more permanently. So – actually – I’m getting better!

AND! This cold now shows that my immunesystem is now functioning as it’s supposed to do. It’s reacting normally! This is the proper way to handle a virus infction! With fever and all! And hopefully for no more than a week or so.


The pictures are from my “bikewalk” this Sunday, before the cold.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant


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Up to date

That’s today, I mean, May 10th, but five years ago.
It was a mere coincidence! If there is such a thing…

I browsed my photos a couple of days ago and picked some that could do well to “Earth”. And now when I had edited this one, considered myself to be satisfied with the outcome, and drag it into WP – that’s the moment I realized todays date is May 10th. Just like the day I took this photo 2011.

What I mean by this chit-chat? Well! Nothing really. At least I don’t think so. It was, and is, a lovely day. But I haven’t been out in the woods and seen any anemones this year. Yet. So much to do, so little time…
(Just kidding…)

10 maj 2011

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

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