Salad for lunch is a must

Lunch today… / Yours truly!
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Small Kitchen

I really missed it yesterday – afterwards – not having salad for lunch. Though the Kitchari was really nice at the time I ate it.

So today, back to normal. Kidneybeans, quinoa, a beetroot,  kale… and more…


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The perils of Dairy

Videos are good help sometimes… when professionals speak…

Small Kitchen

More cheese, anyone?

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The dangers of cheese

Trying to awaken my Health & Food blog. Still a lot of updating to do there, but it’s about time I engage me in something I’m interested in

Small Kitchen

Dairy-products – cheese et cetera – is that the worst, the most unnecessary, the most dangerous of them all?

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It seems like yesterday…

… when it was only early spring…

C’est pas moi…

I’m just trying to organise my Image Collection

Strolling around…

… once in a while
again and again
in the time of summer

Still lying around

As it happens… I also write! And in english. Welcome!