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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Really good music…


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A dream…

…you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is a reality!
(John Lennon)

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Stand by me




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Museum piece

Museum piece

This building – and the entire quarter actually – can be seen at Fredriksdals Museum and Gardens here in Helsingborg. In this particular house there has been a Pharmacy, and not only for selling drugs but also to manufacture them.

It’s quite irritating though, I can’t find proper information on internet about these old buildings! Not even the Museums own site has anything to tell me about these old city quarters! And I can’t remember everything I once knew, and would like to tell you.

But at least I know that the different buildings in this quarter is built between 1700-1900, and I guess this particular one is from sometime around 1850. But I can be mistaken.

Besides the pharmacy, here are also the facilities of a dentist, a barber, several stores… and … and… may God protect me! – my memory is like a non-stick frying-pan!

I took this photo in early May, 2017 – and thanks to Pixlr I can make the image look as old as the building.

Here is what that page looks like (at the moment). Not particularly encouraging, uh… not even a header image like on the other pages. (Link on the picture at the bottom)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

Wikipedia on The gardens – unfortunately not in english:ädgårdar

and the rest is silence… my silence…

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The old main bridge

The old main bridge

How old, I don’t know…

This bridge is situated in Falkenberg, comes from the road directing in from south. Downtown city is just to the right of the image-view. The river is called Ätran. Still in use – the bridge – but with care. Low speed, no trucks. If I remember rightly, it’s a one-way direction as well. Towards the inner city. In these modern times… The image must be like 10 years old – give or take – so forgive me my forgetfulness…

I hastily did browse my images, and found only few weathered ones. I really do need to begin taking photos again! Maybe with my new iPhone SE I bought a fortnight ago? At least there are room for some photos…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

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It seems like yesterday…

It seems like yesterday…

… when it was only early spring…

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C’est pas moi…

C’est pas moi…

I’m just trying to organise my Image Collection

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Strolling around…

Strolling around…

… once in a while
again and again
in the time of summer

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Where am I?

I’m not sure. On my way through life, obviously, but exactly where?

On the whole I feel fine! But I have no particular appetency to do anything particular. I want to take a nap after lunch, to read, to sit on the patio sunny hours och meet some friends now and then. And taking rides on my bike, of course.

I would like to write, but it seems that it’s almost impossible at present-time. I have written some for my Swedish blog, though. After all: it IS easier to write in swedish! I don’t have to think of grammar or choosing the right/best words, et cetera, as when I write in english. But otherwise! Hardly don’t even think about writing a short story or work on any of my half-done novels.

The sciatic pains holds me down a bit, I realize that. But also, the changes in my life lately makes me tired, yet satisfied. And that’s good! That’s how it should be! All I have to do is to let go of the past and of all that have been “bad”, and stay in the Now. And enjoy it, just as it is.Be as happy with it as I actually am!

With pain in the ass and all… 😉

The image at the top is of the altar in “my” church. And of course I have played around with the photo in my favorite editing program. Pixlr. Exists as apps and on the net.

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That’s a good thing!

Things happen when you move to another city. At least they happen to me. And suddenly there seems to be so much to write about – that the mind goes completely blank.

Two days after the “landing”, the Fatigue hit me. And a hint of a cold. Nothing awkward about that! I had been working quite hard! Both before as well as on the moving day.
So a had quite bad couple of days with tiredness, awful stiffness and pain in the body, didn’t sleep well – and the sciatic pain came back. To and fro I even felt some nausea, but I never got really sick. No fever, no puking, not even particularly much sneezing and such.

Then I started to bike! For 10 days of 11,  I biked 95,24 km. Some of those days I biked like 15 km, some others maybe like 5. One day I rested and did other things. It must have been rainign a lot that day.
On day 13 I got serious training-pain in my legs. Especially in my thighs and around the knees. Two days later I could hardly bike at all. My legs got all shaky of the activity. Almost the entire body got all shaky! A very unpleasant feeling. Fearful, actually. What was wrong with me? Is my body so low in Magnesium? But I eat…..
Or is it Potassium I lack?
As well?!?!?
(I have this nasty habit of frightening myself sometimes. That’s my bad, black imagination. Mostly totally groundless in the reality.)

You see, a couple of days earlier I had increased my daily dosage of Magnesium. My friend Maria had reminded me that stress makes the body use very much Magnesium. And I have been living in stress for a long time, and now the move to this city as top of it
“But I already take extra supplement”, I said.
“But perhaps not enough?”
And that was true! I realized that. The spasms in the back muscles and legs, and the flickering my heart did sometimes should have told me that without having to be reminded by Maria. And then that shaky day on top of it, due to all the extra biking! Why am I so blind of myself?

Nevertheless! That shaky day I had a couple of bananas, ate a load of cashew nuts, took an extra capsule of Magnesium and that was that.

After a couple of days most of the training pain had decreased, and the heart didn’t try to run away any longer. Now I can bike ordinarily again, but I take it a bit easy. Don’t want to overdo it again. Giving myself time!

Then the snow came!  For a whole night it snowed, and it was really beautiful the next morning. Especially since the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. And the snow started to melt.

But all of it didn’t melt! When the evening came the temperature fell to below zero. It was last friday and in the evening I was supposed to visit one of my daughters. Though… she lives 3 km away…  and I bike… always… and it was really icy… so I didn’t go there.
Instead I entered the nearby grocery store while still outdoors.. Among other things I bought a big pack of Nacho chips, and a small bag of mixed candy. The kind of candy made of nuts and almonds and dried fruit and covered with sugary yoghurt or chocolate.
I usually don’t buy such “treats”! Haven’t done for a really long time. Stupid me…

I had had something with beans to eat just an hour or two earlier, so I wasn’t hungry. I sat down in front of my computer screen, started to watch some movie – and ate crisps. And candy. And more crisps. It started to feel like scorches in my mouth corners. It almost burnt. Was the crisps too crispy? Too salty? Too much preservatives and other such shit in them? (Now you know why I normally don’t buy crisps and such…)

To make this particular story end here and now, I’ll just say: this was late Friday evening. Sunday noon those nasty salty evils, burnt their way out, and my Sunday wasn’t pleasant at all. And on top of that I ate too much. But no crisps…
Now it’s monday evening and I have eaten a huge bowl of mixed sallad for lunch, and a huge plate of boiled haricot vertes for dinner. Much better. I. Feel. Good.

What have I done for fun then? (Wasn’t this fun?)
Well  – been meeting friends… been knitting wrist-warmer… been reading… been visiting a flee market (indoors)… been biking (without overdoing it)… been shopping in a (for me) new grocery store where they have lots of varieties of fruits and veggies, and to very sympathetic prices!!!! That’s a good thing!!!

Yes! It is wonderful to live here! And that I so easily could find some of my old friends and at the same times meet new people that I now consider being friends.

But more of what’s on my mind some other day.

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Shadows in light

Shadows in light

“Dance, my little angels, dance!”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude
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In my solitude…

In my solitude…

… when the helpers are gone and I’m all alone in my new apartment.
Taking it slow with some bottled water, freshly brewed coffee and
home-made chocolate mousse.


“Can I have some more coffee, please! And why not some soft music?”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude
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The purpose is…

The purpose is…

… to repurpose. But while remaining in the land of Nothingness & In-between, I could reuse a photo and make it into something else. Still an image though…



Weekly Photo Challenge: Repurpose

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Getting old. Or?

Getting old. Or?


The Helsingborg harbour entrance with the light house – which is not quite as old as I have made it look. 😉 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Words of Wisdom


Actually! I heard recently on my meditation/discussion-group, that the intelligence quote is descending throughout the world. Particularly in the western hemisphere and among youngsters. I have no numbers or statistics on this, but generally speaking I think it’s true. Just watch how many who think Facebook  and Twitter always delivers facts, always are true, and how many who are connected to these kinds of media lots and lots of hours! Who live through Internet

It also seems to be more and more kids that quit school without even basic knowledge in reading, writing and maths. And many – way too many – won’t even try to think for themselves. Don’t they want to learn something for themeselves? Do they only want to get what they need, served on a silver plate? Not have to think for themselves or to do anything themselves? This is so frightening!

The doomsday is maybe not about earthquakes, tsunamis or global epidemic plagues. It may very well be about Ignorance and childish Egocentricity.

(And somehow I came to think about trump now… and no, he doesn’t deserve a big T.)


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Calmness & Gracefulness

Calmness & Gracefulness
Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

It isn’t the first time I realize that I prefer warm colors over cold, light over darkness, even though I also want contrast both in light/dark and warm/cold. I realized now when I added the images, that three of them very much resemble each other. I guess that’s a part of my personal style. As for the meditative and spiritual… thing.

I’m happy that I seem to have started to play with images again, despite the fact I don’t presently take any new photos. So this one I’ve found in my foto-library from april 2008. It’s taken in Borås which I visited at that time. (Once upon a time I was born there…)
The staty is situated in the river Viskan, (river?!?!?), and the wall behind is the old Cinema-building, Röda Kvarn. (Red Mill; Moulin Rouge. 😉 ) I haven’t the faintest idea what it is used for nowadays. In 2008 it wasn’t used as cinema any longer, but I’ve forgotten what was in there instead. Some kind of theater?

The original

The original photo

So this is the original photo. Not a particularly good one technically speaking. I realized after a while, that that camera was pretty – LOUSY! Even my not-so-advanced cell phone at that time (not an iPhone) took better photos. My iPhone 5 now is excellent compared to that old HP. And I’m more and more longing for a real camera. … though I haven’t decided yet which camera I want. And don’t have that kind of money now. Need some stuff for my new apartment first.

The only thing I did with this before playing around with filters, was to crop it a little bit and slightly enhanced light, contrast and sharpened it with an easy hand

And here is a photo of the Cinema building “en face”.
(In 1968 when I moved away from this city, there were no such huge buildings. Time flies and other worlds are born… )

The old Cinema-building

The old Cinema-building

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So who is this Harry?

… or should I reframe this? Okay! Who was Harry Nilsson? Never heard of him before, and just happened to stumble on him at youtube. (Not literally, ofcourse.)

I admit! I missed a lot in the late sixties and seventies! But then is then and now is now, and now is where I live! Hallo Harry! Nice to meet you! Better late then never!

I really like his voice and his style!!!

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Early spring, a lovely sunny day some  years ago.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Without words

Without words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


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What will it be?

What will it be?

Like this? Like this? Or Like this?
I like that!
Which that?
That one! … or this… maybe…

Images from “The BookCase Project” on Facebook.

And these images are mine… from my past… and I want this back, Yes that one, AND that one…
The whole book-thingy on the wall! (ON???)



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I’m in love

Oh! This voice!!!

The music I listen to tonight – clip from “the best from The Voice” – hit me in my legs, my stomach, my head and my heart. I get goosbumps all over, and feel so happy. Listening to this make’s me wanna start singing again. Not that I have a voice like this, and I haven’t been singing for years. Not in this town! Eleven years!

Oh gosh! How I long to come home again! I wonder if that gospel choir I used to sing in still exists…

… and some more from “The voice”…

… I like the one that sings country & western too…
and many more of them…


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A New Path

A New Path

Am I on a new path?
I would say so. New place in life – recently retired. And soon, a new place to live in… on… at… whatever…
A new city to live in, though it’s actually old and well-known to me.

I throw away things. Give away some. I clean up among photos and files on the computer. Getting rid of the old, letting the new come in.

Soon there will be a new year. 2017. Every New Years Day is seen as a chance for letting go of the old, and letting in the new. Promises are given and there is hope. At least for a while.

30-maj-2009-30Do I have any promises for the new year! No. But I have a sincere intention to write more. To finish those novels and short stories that are worth finishing. And to write new stuff. I intend to write more on the blogs as well. At least for the time being. Then, what’s supposed to happen – will happen. Just wait and see.

Now I have this blog with mostly images. I also have the blog where I write in swedish, and less than a week ago I started new blog, where I’ll write – and write in English. Havn’t figured out yet if I should have a specific theme like food och something, but I guess I would handcuff myself if I decided to focus only on one topic. That wouldn´t be me then! So I see it as a kind of diary, a place for me to ventilate thoughts and events in a somewhat personal way – not being too personal, though!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

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