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What would my landlord say…

… if I actually painted that piece of fence like this?

But I guess it would be easier on me, to make my life more colorful in another way. Like editing my photos into something else. (Or use some kind of fabric)

Anyhow! I hope my tomatoes will turn red eventually. That doesn’t seem 100% likely. Maybe some but not all. This summer has so far been too cold. Not enough sun and warmth. And today it’s raining!

At the same time it hasn’t been raining enough either lately.
“It can never rain too much before midsummer”, my dad used to say. And he knew what he was talking about as son of a farmer and always had a big garden himself.
And it has certainly not rained enough before midsummer this year. In many places it’s water shortage, and restricted how much we can water the gardens.

We are spoiled here in Sweden! We are used to have plenty of water! And some people are stupid, many times they even water their lawns. Stupid, since if anything can stay alive even after long time of drought – it’s grass. They just don’t want their lawns to turn yellow. It’s ugly.
Those people are spoiled, stupid, and can’t think longer than their own noses.

Todays rain! Actually! I’m happy about that! Not only because the soil needs water. I have also an excuse too stay indoors today. Don’t get me wrong! I never force myself to go out, take a bike ride somewhere, or a walk. I can hardly stop myself from that! But sometimes it’s also very good to stay indoors. To do other stuff. And so far I’m stuck in front of the computer. One post here… planning on another to the Small Kitchen blog… maybe som reading then… bake a cake for afternoon tea…

Tomatoes or no tomatoes, if they get the warmth and time they need too ripen isn’t the most important thing in the world.
But it would be very nice!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage
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In the sunny corner

… of my tiny garden.

It’s been a cold summer so far. Just some day now and then with warm air and hot sunshine. But I guess the warmth will come. After all – it’s possible to sit on the patio in sunny afternoons.

My plants don’t grow very fast. The geraniums and the tomato plant I’ve had for a while, at least they’re still alive. And there are some small green tomatoes slowly getting bigger. Eventually they will be red and sweet.

The lobelia and tagetes plants I bought the day before yesterday, and particularly the lobelias are supposed to grow really big. Like long, fluffy, curly – dark blue-purple – hair.

And soon it will be July.

Daily prompt: Sunny

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Not Ikea

But another furniture superstore. Not as big as Ikea, but certainly not small. MIO!

I was there to buy myself a decent bed. And I found one which I liked very much and chose. Can’t sleep on the sofa in the long run. Been doing that for 6 months. And been living here in my new apartment in my hometown, after moving back, for 2 months.
How fast time passes by…

The renovation of the room – painting all over, new wallpapers and a really nice parquet flooring of oak – is done. So it was about time to get a bed and some other new stuff, and I thought a bed was the most important.

I think that white book shelf is very appealing… Maybe? Sometime?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

… and the bed…


the adjustable one is mine…
and with the “bed head piece”
(have absolutely no idea what that is called in english





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Where am I?

I’m not sure. On my way through life, obviously, but exactly where?

On the whole I feel fine! But I have no particular appetency to do anything particular. I want to take a nap after lunch, to read, to sit on the patio sunny hours och meet some friends now and then. And taking rides on my bike, of course.

I would like to write, but it seems that it’s almost impossible at present-time. I have written some for my Swedish blog, though. After all: it IS easier to write in swedish! I don’t have to think of grammar or choosing the right/best words, et cetera, as when I write in english. But otherwise! Hardly don’t even think about writing a short story or work on any of my half-done novels.

The sciatic pains holds me down a bit, I realize that. But also, the changes in my life lately makes me tired, yet satisfied. And that’s good! That’s how it should be! All I have to do is to let go of the past and of all that have been “bad”, and stay in the Now. And enjoy it, just as it is.Be as happy with it as I actually am!

With pain in the ass and all… 😉

The image at the top is of the altar in “my” church. And of course I have played around with the photo in my favorite editing program. Pixlr. Exists as apps and on the net. www.pixlr.com

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It’s good to be home

It seems that I’ve reached the comfort level where I not only cook the most basic courses, like for example lentil soups! Yesterday I made mayo to my egg n’ potato sallad. Spiced with lemon and french Dijon mustard. Mjummy!

It’s good to be home where I belong and to meet both old friends and new ones. It makes me feel so much better in every way. I’m coming back! Soon I’ll even write again! More regularly. 😀


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There is something on my mind

For four years now, I’ve had this Domain registration on this blog together with a privacy protection. In all 26 USD/year. I don’t want to have that any longer, I don’t want to pay anything at all to WP any longer. Not that 25 USD is the end of the world, but there are other things I rather would spend it on.

The main reason though, that I want to remove this domain upgrade, is that I think WP due to its “enhancements” has made blogging more irritating and time consuming. It’s not easier to move around, the “improved editor” is hopeless, and the app is… okay practical to use for scrolling through the reader…

I shouldn’t complain to much perhaps. Despite the “enhancements” WP still might be the best blogg-host, compared to other options – not  that I know of every option there is. (And as long as I won’t encounter wordpress.org) But I don’t want to pay for this upgrade any longer. It isn’t worth it! The only noticable and visible change is the name. With the domain this blogs name is: http://www.ordibild.com. Without it’s called http://www.ordibild.wordpress.com. So!!!!!!??????

And the privacy protection part? I can’t notice any difference from my other blogs! Maybe due to a strong password which I change now and then, and that the mailadress I have here, only is connected to WP and never use anywhere else?

But how do I do to get rid of it?


I must say! It’s D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T to find information. First of all to find any information, second to find a clear concise information about this particular question. After hours of searching, the only thing I found was that I could remove ordibild.com, but nothing says if I still will have http://www.ordibild.wordpress.com? I think so, but can I be sure? Will I still have my posts and my images? Will I still have YOU – my wonderful skillful followers? Or will everything be removed???? All of it????

I have been pondering, should I instead manually delete Words&Pics the ordinary way? Just poofff bang bye and gone forever the entire blog? And instead focus on my other blog where I write more? The blog A new beginning? (Haven’t written much lately, moved to another city, you know, will be back on track)
Or should I just remove “ordibild.com the domain” and hope for the best! Taking a chance all the content still will be there and that none of you will lose me, and therefore I lose you.

Let me have a day or two to reflect on this a bit more. Somehow I’ll remove the domain. And I hope, if lost, we all can find each other again. There are ways!
I’ll be – if possible – at http://www.ordibild.wordpress.com or – if the other occurs – at A new beginning where I in that case will post both images as well as written some-things.

And after all – I’ve just started A New Life! In my original hometown! I’ve already reconnected to some of my old friends AND have met new ones! In less then three weeks. Sometimes it feels funny, awkward, to change what eleven years have done to me, into not the old me, but into a new me. So now I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off, getting myself together, leaving the bad things behind, embrace the learnt lessons-  and start my life again, new and refreshed. In a much better place,

That, I think, is a good match. After all that has happened and to all that now will happen. 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Match

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In my solitude…

… when the helpers are gone and I’m all alone in my new apartment.
Taking it slow with some bottled water, freshly brewed coffee and
home-made chocolate mousse.


“Can I have some more coffee, please! And why not some soft music?”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude
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When someone is about to move, like I am right now, there are moments and days when nothing can be done! Literally! Everything has been settled. The contract is signed, the to-do-lists are written, the friends are told you need help and the actual date is set. But it’s way too early to actually pack any boxes and bags, and to clean the apartment.

So! What do you do then? Hardly nothing. You’re restless and yet unable to focus on anything. Most of the time you just exist. Of course! If you have a job to attend to, you do that. But if you don’t? Then you perhaps just float around in the existence.

Yes, and there’s where I am right now. Six weeks left to “Go” and nothing to do.
Well… In a way…

And since I don’t have that many moving-boxes standing around in the flat yet, I borrowed a couple of images from a previous move some years ago.

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Peace & Quiet

A sofa…
An unread book – or a pile of…
A warm and cosy blanket…
A pillow – or why not three…
being all surrounded

A cup o’ coffee…
Some cookies…
No one coming…
No one calling…
peace and quiet

Just I, me and myself…
And all the time in the world

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax
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Translator or not translator

WordPress has made it possible to translate the blogs we read into a language we are accustomed to, and know. That’s a good thing! Per se!

I tried it out on my Swedish and got; pleased, irritated and burst into a huge laughter. But as you see, I just had to try it out! Mostly because my Swedish blog no can be read even by those of you who don’t know Swedish. So Welcome!


In Swedish – the tagline is my interpretation of the blogname


The translators choices… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – What has a pump to do with a pen?

Frist I got irritated why it couldn’t translate Swedish into English – then I realized I had the main language for my blogs set on English. (Laughter) So first of all I had to go to settings and fix that. #check_and_all_right

Then I let the translator turn the blog into English and – laughter, irritation (a bit) – and shame

Laughter, since it really looked funny,
Irritation, since the choice of words often was so awkward, and some words wasn’t translated at all
Shame, since I myself write and understand English much better than this, and I hope no one will blame me because of the awkward twitches.

BUT! On the whole it’s really a good thing, this translator. Better a bad translation than none, and keeping this in mind, I hope it will render more laughs than irritation and question marks.

By the way! The Swedish word “pusslande” has to do with Jig saw puzzle. Nothing else

The coffee-image I found on Facebook on the site 


Once upon a time I had a blog (in swedish) where I called myself Coffee. It wasn’t about coffee though. It was mainly about being an ADHD and Introvert personality. Which doesn’t contradict each other

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I’m still alive…

… but, well, not particularly kicking… but the new sofa is on its place, though. Lucky me!

I got rid of my old sofa (too small and not comfortable), and my old bed (which had become too soft). I have this hypothesis that the bed was at least partly to blame for the pain in my back and maybe also for the sciatic pain all the way down to my feet. I think I’m right about that.

The new sofa is therefore a sofabed. (I have a very small apartment, you know.) Still after two weeks it feels very very firm to lie on (read: hard), but certainly not as hard as I thought it was the first nights. I’m getting used to it! And my experience so far has very clearly told me that my old bed was too soft… Nice to be given an obvious, undoubtable proof…

I really do love the color, by the way!


The former bed alcove is now my working area with bookshelves all over the wall behind me. But that area isn’t finished yet. It’s too painful (in my ass and legs) to be carrying around shelves and books and stuff hither and thither. The table, my iMac, printer and chair is okay so far… and that’s a good start. And lamps ofcourse. And some of the books on the shelves. So no photos from that area for now.

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Pure nostalgia

You can never go back. Ever!

I recently found myself longing to go back home.

I don’t mean the home of my childhood. To mum and dad. They are long since dead and gone. More than half my life now, I’ve been without my parents. Dad died in 1981, and mum in 1983. And even if they were alive, I would never go back to live with them. Have never wanted that.

I don’t mean the home where I lived with my daughters when they were small, and their dad. I absolutely not not not want that time back.

I don’t even mean I want to go back to a time when I was young, or at least younger.
Maybe in one way, but in another – no.

Very prosaically I sometimes just want to move back to the town where I lived before.

I don’t expect things to be the same. I know nothing can remain the same. Also cities changes over ten years of time!
Two of my three daughters live there, and it would be really nice to be able to see them more often, and in an easier way. YES! And my grandchildren. YES YES! But that’s not it. A part, but not only.

It’s the city itself and it’s surroundings. I want back to the roads I used to bike, the woods I used to stroll in, the parks, the beaches, the streets, the shops, the cafés, the museums, the libraries – the possibilities!

It’s a bigger city than this one. I’d find much more that lingers on to my interests, and of me – so to speak – in that city. Here – I find next to nothing. This is a summer city, with tourists and restaurants. Not small per se – but limited…
And it’s not me.

I might be a bit unfair here. But it’s true I never have rooted here. Never been able to feel at home. Nowadays, I have a place where I can be, yes, and I have some friends! Yes!  But I miss so many things that I can’t find here, but which I had there. Me.

Why I moved? Well, life does those things sometimes! Move us around. And sure I do have experienced good things during these last 10 years too! For one thing, and maybe the best, I really discovered my talent to write! And I developed that talent for more than 6 years here, with courses, evening classes, joining writers groups and such. AND I WAS WRITING! EVERY DAY! SEVERAL NOVELS!  LOTS OF SHORT STORIES! POEMS!  ESSAYS! THE LOT!
I have also found out here, that I have skills making images, posters et cetera. And that’s good! Really good! I’m soooooo grateful for all of this!
But that’s a different story. A story for another day.

The city? Helsingborg.

You know… I lived there for 36 years! And I CAN go back. Now I can! After the retirement. Both physically and geographically! It’ll just take som effort to do so, and it might take some more time to get an apartment that will suit me.

But! Not now. Not literally now! It’s too soon after my move to this apartment, and I just haven’t got that kind of energy! But maybe some time in the future. Some time when I’m ready for it. Some time – when the time is due.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I’m sorry I haven’t got more pictures, and better pictures, from Helsingborg to show you. But I’ll try to find some more later.

Wikipedia about!
Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure
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Love my home


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I can also do it! Can’t I?

This is Carl Larsson. A Swedish painter. And his kitchen. It’s huge and it’s colorful! The house he lived in is huge. I’ve seen it. From the outside. It was in the midsst of the summer and vacation time and lots and lots of tourists (breath!) and there was a hugely long queue waiting to come in and see the interior. We – I and my friend – didn’t want to wait that long for our turn. We left for some other place.

Carl Larsson himself was huge! Still is. A gifted painter and as such very well known. He died in 1919 but people still love his paintings, visit the house where he lived for a “look-around”, and overall get inspired and feel nostalgic by his paintings.

I agree! There’s some huge dosis of pure nostalgia in his works. Romantic.

I don’t know who painted the walls in their home, but his wife created all the interior decorations. That I know. Painted furnitures, wove drapes, sewed, needled, whatever it takes to create textiles and other things – Yeah, she created the entire house, so to speak!
Except, then, for the paintings, ha ha. That was his area. And he was the one who became very well known. Okay! Nowadays also she gets credit for her skills. (Womens lib….)

This is my kitchen! Yes! All of it is my kitchen!
It’s puny, and almost all white. So I added some extra starlight and sunshine to it. On the photos, that is. And I can do that over and over again if I want to!
I don’t get paid to do so, but my reward is nevertheless huge. I feel good

C.L. painted oils, watercolors, and frescoes. On canvas – and obviously on walls.
I “paint” photos with some or another editing program. Hardly ever print them. At least  not so far.
I can’t even draw a straight line with my hands. Not to mention curves. But I can use my Macbook – and my soon to be – iMac!!!! YIEEAHOOOOOOOO

C.L. is well known
Well… I’m… not… but those whom I care for, knows me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Life imitates art


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Living in circles

IMG_1584-snippetMy first thought when I saw the new theme for Weekly Photo Challenge, was not about a geometrical form or any visible form at all. I thought of the rythm in time and space, in life and death. Things appear, develop, disappear.

The year passes by; spring, summer, fall and winter. Then yet another spring. Life, as seen, is starting all over again.

Day and night.
Darkness and light.
And nothing can exist without the opposite.

To be born, grow up, get old.
Though life itself never dies. Just changes form.

How is it said? I can’t quite remember!
Something like: “in the middle of chaos, lies the seed of calmness”.
The bird Phoenix that burns itself, then arises from the ashes.

Without death – nothing can be reborn.


My life consists of various circles. Moving to a new apartment means one old circle is gone forever, and a new one has started. Time circles. The old one was fairly short. Lasted only a little more than 2 years. If I should describe that circle in one word, it would be: Darkness.

A new Time circle is recently born. One word for this one? At this point?
Light. That’s the word for it. Light.
And love.

IMG_1584-snapAt January 15th I’ll turn 65. I have difficulties to admit even to myself, that I’m that old and from now on a retiree. And yet this also means I’m entering the realm of freedom.
And of new possibilities.

Possibilities to move further, to grow, to learn, to experience…
To develop who I am. Express myself in different ways.
Maybe in new ways!

I don’t think life could exist without circles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Circles
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I wish you all…

A Happy New Year and a Marvelous 2016!


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I’m dreaming…

… of a warm summer…
… sitting on the patio…
… having tea and cakes…
… reading a good book…


and it doesn’t have to be by Camus.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now
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