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Just a piece on the dairy industry prospering on our health, or rather – lack of health

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The movement towards a (more) plantbased eating is scaring the hell out of those industries that earns money on us who are hooked on these drugs that makes you Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (which is another eye-opening movie you can watch on Netflix).

Of course they don’t want us to go vegan! They’ll do anything and everything to keep the money-flow in to their pockets! But milk, cheese et cetera is NOT good for your heart! And you don’t get calcium that way either. Your body is unable to process that calcium and benefit from it.

Drugs? Yes! Dairy products, especially cheese since it’s highly concentrated, contains not only these fatty, salty, gooey tastes that we find so delicious and unresistable, but also hormones and something called casomorphines which is highly addictive.

This is not only good, it’s necessary when it comes to babies feeding, whether it’s a human…

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I need to do this!

I want to, and I would benefit immensely from it.

Write my heart out!
On any subject that comes to my mind. Get rid of frustrations, sadness, anger – I have realized I still have that issue inside of me – but also indulge myself in all the positive feelings I have. I really do have those too!

It’s scary. Scary to be more personal and let go of what’s inside. I’m not even sure I know what’s going on in there! Well! Some of course! And I know I have to do this if I ever want to be totally healthy. Psychologically, physically and… yeah… all of me.

I need to pour my heart out. But to others? Do I dare to? And can I? I mean… when I think about this, that I ought to write, it’s like a blockage comes over me. My mind goes totally blank, and thus I don’t even write one single word! I don’t even go near the Apple-machine! Except for watching a movie or doing some solitaire…. jigsaw puzzle… what ever…

However I decide to do this, publicly on the blog or only secretly to myself – that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I do it! But maybe it’s funnier and in a way easier, to do it here on the blog. Maybe blogging about it gives me that kick in the ass I need – to get around my issues? The benefit of feeling like I’m actually “talking” to somebody!

Can I do it? Will I do it?
At least I’ll try!

And YES! There is really high time to move on with my life!

These are some of the writing tip-offs I found via Facebook, get the rest of them here: Write something every day

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Autumn just around the corner

For the time being I’m the lousiest photographer ever. Well, I never consider myself being a photographer, but you know what I mean, I guess. I never take any pictures any longer! Other than occasionally one or two from where I live, or just around the corner.

A friend of mine helped me understand why. I’m suffering from something I don’t no what it’s called in English. A burnout, we say here in Sweden. Or as it also is called, a “Mental Fatigue Syndrome” due to stress for a long time.

I knew I had been living in stress for several years which I couldn’t do anything about, and it was a huge relief when I retired in January. It took some time but slowly I started to feel better. My ability to concentrate came back, I could read again, it was fun to blog, I started to work on my novel again and I put in a lot of time and energy. It was SO fun! I loved every minute of it! I also enhanced my biking tours, and in beginning of May I was very hopeful about my health and my future.

That was what I thought! But it didn’t last! Everything started to hurt more then ever before. An inflammation in the hip area, sciatic pain started may 2nd which now runs down both legs. Back and neck pain. Stiffness. Bad sleep. Frustration. Good days mixed with bad days. Hope and hopelessness.

Featured Image -- 18194I concentrated on the pain and the inflammation. Turmeic, garlic, ginger, healthy food. Tried to exercise little at a time but every day. Yes, at first I could still read, write, blog, and I did ride my bike – but not as much as I had wanted.
Actually! Biking helped me soften the sciatica and the muscles, since it was very difficult to stand and to walk.
Every morning after breakfast I biked somewhere, and could reasonably well manage the rest of the day. If I didn’t sit too much and for too long periods.

Then about a month ago I realised I became even more tired, irritated, couldn’t concentrate. I even screamed straight out when things messed with me, which I normally never do. I called it ADHD-outbursts and got a bit amazed. I had never done that before. Been screaming and throwing things around me.

IMG_5405My novel became undoable to work with, I was unable to do anything it seemed. I dropped all and everything on the floor. Couldn’t force myself to do the dishes properly, or clean the apartment… my bathroom is semi-icky, my kitchen is icky-icky. I kind of lost myself and couldn’t understand why!

But I have a friend who lives not far away from me. She’s diagnosed with this “mental fatigue syndrome” and had earlier said that I also suffered from it.
“Oh no”, I said then. “I have fibromyalgia and inflammation around the hip bones and sciatic pain. It will pass! Turmeric works! And all the green stuff I eat… bla… bla…. bla…

The truth was, I did eat a lot of healthy food, but I got so bored with it I almost could scream! So between periods with kale and spinach, vegan stuff and super berries, I just had to have bacon or grilled chicken or something with eggs. And got frustrated since nothing seemed to help! I failed to follow the diet I had put on to myself! All those extra vitamins and minerals. I failed with everything.

I did bike, I did try to take walks, I did do my gymnastic training with rubber bands and such. And I did create those posters I had to do. But it was difficult, and I always managed too little, and with too much painful reactions! Or extra fatigue.

All this TRYING!
Takes hours of trying to do something – and still you don’t do it! The dishes for example. Or putting books aside since you can’t understand even one word. Not even being able to watch a movie! Not going anywhere, meeting people. Feeling lonely and depressed – no one loves me, no one misses me, no one cares! Crying. A lot of crying!

Then it was revealed to me, the main cause was mostly psychological! Stress! And that I kept on stressing myself! Probably an inflammation as well, but that wasn’t the main issue, not the starting point. The pain wasn’t the starting point.

I felt really relieved after that conversation with my friend. That and the easy-understanding article she had me read. And she also very clearly pointed out – “You Ninna, are an HSP! A Highly Sensitive Person!”

So after about a month of hitting the bottom (bounce bounce), this big AHA made me feel a bit better. Not well, but better. I’ll now try: not to try so much, not to worry, not to bother. It won’t be easy, but at least it is a way that seems to be the right one. And I’ve written this now. HUGE!fullsizeoutput_2556

I couldn’t stop pondering how many hours it would take me to finish this blog post. Probably most of the day. And I, who wanted to write something about this in Swedish as well!!! Too much for me to perform now? Probably… At least I have written this. And in English!!! So how many hours did it take? I’m not quite sure. Four?


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Beauty and joy

Jubilant and thankful! For the summer, the richness of the nature, the beauty. Life. Creativity. Fantasy. Love. Being thankful never stops!

Maybe even for catching a cold? A real cold for once with all normal ingrediences! Though it isn’t particularly fun to spend days in bed instead of on the bike or on the patio, reading or writing. But it will pass!


Sunday afternoon when this cold begun, I got a very distinct feeling this cold was actually very good for me. That it was helping my body to set things right. Help it heal further, both psychologically and physically. Living with stress for years and years isn’t good at all, and I’m realizing more and more that things happens when the stress is gone! A lot of things are happening in the body because of the release!

There are hours and days with total peace and happiness, feeling relaxed and enjoying life. But also hours and days with depressive symptoms, crying, fatigue, anger, despair. And that sore throat/bronchitis thing for more than a month. The ischial pain down the leg that is still haunting me. And days in between not feeling good at all. And now this cold. The whole thing is surprising, fantastic, awful, wonderful…

What makes me going, even through the bad days, is that I know I’m going through a huge change. And during a change – or a healing process of any kind – one does feel worse before it’s settling down and one starts to feel better more permanently. So – actually – I’m getting better!

AND! This cold now shows that my immunesystem is now functioning as it’s supposed to do. It’s reacting normally! This is the proper way to handle a virus infction! With fever and all! And hopefully for no more than a week or so.


The pictures are from my “bikewalk” this Sunday, before the cold.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant


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Yes! I allowed myself a big serving of grilled chicken today. With basmati rice, mango chutney and mixed greens. I just love it!

How good can things get? As good as I want!

(also on my Swedish blog… Min ostyriga penna/frosseri)

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Ninna goes vegan

and that’s about time…

… and as much raw food as I – my stomach – can handle.

But I have to learn more about vegan cooking. I can’t only eat sallads and lentil soups. And I have run out of ideas, though I’m not a stranger to vegetarian cooking. Not at all. But to stop eating eggs is probably the most difficult part. I must give myself a period of adjustment.

IMG_6311But I have my health to think about, eating the right food is essential, and now is a good time to change habits. Luckily I already neither eat diary products nor anything with wheat and rye, and I use almost no sugar – and never white. I have also been eating less and less meat, and this christmas when I DID eat meat – it became obvious to me meat isn’t my kind af food.

IMG_6312At first I browsed youtube for health videos, actually have done so for a while, and just the other day I stumbled upon a young women who also recommended a really good vegan website. And, Yes! That one seems to be a very nice site, indeed, and I’ll keep on looking for inspiration there – as well as recipes – and also for more tips on Youtube.

Link to Ella here on her logo:



Weekly Photo Challenge: Time
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