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Beware of…

… what your imagination might tell you about deep, dark waters . It may be all wrong…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger



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Living space

In the middle of everything.

Just wondering… is this house still there? Nine years have gone since I visited this area. What does it look like in the summer? When the trees and bushes are green, how much of the house can you see from the road? And the people who live there? Do they only live there during the summer, or all year around? Questions arise in my mind, I won’t get any other answers than my imagination gives me.

It seems to be nostalgically romantic, doesn’t it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Early spring, a lovely sunny day some  years ago.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Framing summer

… and keeping as a memory


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame
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Ocean curves

It’s just an ordinary summer day,
with boringly endless sand
and the sun hidden in southwest.
The water seems to be mostly grayish.
Dark clouds are heaping up from the horizon,
and there’s a chill stroking down your spine.
Nothing seems to be what it really is.


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At the seashore


  1. (adjective) Additional to what is required for ordinary use.
  2. (adjective) Elegantly simple.
  3. (verb) To refrain from harming.

And now, you may choose the most suitable explanation… 851575_126361970881933_2050936102_n

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

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How about…

… Elsinore Castle?

Actually! The real name is Kronborg, a castle and stronghold in the town of Helsingør, Denmark. It was William Shakespeare who immortalized it as Elsinore in his play Hamlet.
It was built in the 1420th and has now been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list (2000)

The castle is situated on the extreme northeastern tip of the island of Zealand at the narrowest point of the Øresund, the sound between Denmark and Sweden. In this part, the sound is only 4 km wide, hence the strategic importance of maintaining a coastal fortification at this location commanding one of the few outlets of the Baltic Sea” (Wikipedia) (I was too lazy to write this in my own words)

The picture was taken some years ago from one of the huge ferries that crosses the sound. And of-course I, before publishing it here,  had to let it have a “pick-me-up” in my favorite editing program, Pixlr.
Me like having fun!!!!


Apropos Denmark and Helsingør, I would like to have a small chat with my Swedish friends here. Hope you don’t mind. (Not a secret, just switching to my native language for a sec.)

Min svenska blogg har fått liv igen, och det tycks som att jag faktiskt postar inlägg någorlunda regelbundet igen. Utan att det känns som att jag inte har några idéer; det känns inte tungt; och det är helt utan mögel i badrummet! 😉

Det vore roligt om ni vill komma och göra min trogne läsare där sällskap. Jag har inte nån exakt plan för vad som kommer att publiceras, men lite mer personligt verkar det bli – lite “nära vardagen”, nära där jag bor, och nära det jag gör.
Så även om jag inte direkt kräker ur mig noveller (ännu – inte i nån högre grad i alla fall), har jag åtminstone så smått börjat skriva igen. Vilket är fantastiskt!!!! Men just nu är det inte frågan om VAD jag skriver, utan ATT! 
Bland annat kommer jag att berätta om Fjäderpennan… och så blir det en del bilder… och… säkerligen en del om mat… och… tja, det blir det det blir!

Så jag hoppas verkligen få möta er på “Min ostyriga penna”, vilket jag även misstänker kommer att peppa mig i mitt skrivande. Förutom att det vore väldigt roligt!

Kan man säga att jag är på väg hem?

datortant transparantNinna

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I love…

I love the beaches and the woods
and filling my life with colors.
I love to be present in the Now
and listen to relaxing Music.
Feeling the joy of being alive
knowing that everything is
just as it is supposed to be.
Love! Infinite unconditional love!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place
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Twice the stone age



New Years Day 2009 – a most beautiful day! A lovely winter on the whole, with almost no snow (it was cold though), but the next two winters it looked like we lived by the North Pole.

This place is situated by the sea just north of my city. Here is mostly stones and cliffs and rough nature. Very beautiful indeed! It’s called “Skallaberget” or short: “Skallen”

“Skalle” means head, and is more of a slang expression. The proper word is “huvud”. And “berget” means the mountain. Well it’s maybe not a proper mountain in this case. Cliffs – more or less steep!

Hence “The Head mountain” or “The Head”. I wonder why it’s called that….


What slang expressions for “head” do you have in english?
I found the word “nut” as an informal word. I also found the word “Skull” which resembles very much to “Skalle”. There is one example of how closely related English and Swedish actually are to each other as Germanic languages.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped
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Due to the ehh… difficulties these last months…  (mold in the bathroom; a long-lasting flu; winter with gray, dull rainy stormy weather…) I haven’t been photographing much… almost not at all actually… so now among my oldies from 2008 I found this… ehh… gray, dull and rainy photo…

But despite the gray dullness it does have something, I thought.
-What can I do with this one, I kept on thinking.
Quite a lot, as it seems.


So this was what I started with.
Put a little effort to it in photoshop. Cropped it a bit at first, but decided that didn’t do any good for the image
Then some brightening, added a bit of saturation, a little bit of this and a little bit of that…not much really – of course decreased the file size, and stopped at this:


Lighter – yes! A bit of color – yes. But nothing much to it…. quite uninteresting…
So I flipped it over to the pixlr – app on the iPad. Like pixlr more on the iPad than on the Mac. There are some differences, you know…


Okay! Som work have been done here! And a filter making it look old.

Odd? Awkward? Yeah. Maybe even wrong. Looking old with dust and scratches, and at the same time there are quite bright colors… well well…

On the other hand – who decides what’s right or wrong? In this case I do – and I say it’s right


So now I’ve become a bit romantic???
Okay okay! That’s okay! I’m allowed to be romantic. But I am not a pink Lady!!!


I think I like this one the best!
At first I came to think of the movie: Life of Pi. (Love that movie)
Then it made me think of a soft summer night – despite the fact the original photo was taken a dull, gray day in October.

And the other four I made?
I save them for later…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

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Symmetree times three

Pictures without words today!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

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Off season by the sea

Yet another old picture. This one from March 4, 2008.
As I remember, it was quite cold that winter but not much snow. I used to bike to the seashore and walked both along the actual beach, as well as followed the narrow paths farther away from the water line.

I very much enjoy the seashore. In the winter and early spring when it’s mostly empty. Autumn days can be ravishing, but during summer – I don’t like it at all.

It’s crowded. There are people. Tourists. Cars. Restaurants. Cafeterias. Golf lanes. Mini golf lanes. Camping and caravan places. Huge ones! With big restaurants and all. People. More people. Children. Mini houses owned by millionaires. Ice-cream sellers. Italian-ice-cream sellers. Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Sand. Cars. More cars. Screaming kids. Barking dogs (once in a while). People walking in the middle of the road. Laughters. The smell of grilled meat, beer, waffles….. crowded…

Between midst of june to midst of august I avoid this particular area. It’s rather big, but the amount of people coming here is huge.

There are other beaches surrounding this city, a little bit further away from where I live. Quite manageable reaching by bike though, and since those areas are even bigger than this one, you can – if you know your ways – find a spot here and there offering some solitude.

But of course – also with tourists… tourists… tourists… So you won’t find me there at that time of year.
I go biking elsewhere… I prefer calmness and serenity…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

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To the open sea

I promised some more summer-and-beach pictures….
just slightly altered…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed 

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Just a small reminder…

… in the middle of the dark, cold and windy winter.
They will come back, you know, the hot sweaty summer days by the sea.
So dream on! 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

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Sunset in august

Isn’t it silent monday today?
Good! So, let the picture speak for itself.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed
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Light and dark in progress

I haven’t been photographing much lately. Except for documenting the progress of my bathroom renovation. That I have done. No fun pictures, but some of them can be seen on my Swedish blog.

For the time being I feel most of life is just a big shadow. The weather is awful. There is now snow, which it should be in january – though I also enjoy that, no nasty slippery roads to walk or bike on – but it makes life darker. Instead there is almost only cloudy days, with quite severe rains and harsh storms.
Not exactly a weather to bike in…

The flu I suffered from finally went somewhere else. To the south pole perhaps. But it left me with a tiresome pain in the back. Partly that can have been of my own doing. A week or so ago I started to treat myself with reflexology, and I might have put a bit too much effort in that.

On the other hand, it’s good that the body reacts to the treatment, that means it’s working. So I have to keep on doing it, but maybe be a little more gentle.

And tomorrow I’ll go to work again. That’s nice though! Meeting people, talking, having coffee together and maybe even getting a hug. I need hugs…

blues2So what about the picture? Well! Nothing really. I browsed my oldies and choose this one from early mars 2008.
The sun is caressing my back and from north comes a huge dark cloud promising stormy weather.
But I can’t remember now, if I managed to get home before the rain was pouring down.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed
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