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Modern times

Straight lines…

Under construction – soon to be finished.

Recently built!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

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Gone shopping

Weekly Photo Challenge: A face in the crowd

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A face in the crowd

Weekly Photo Challenge: A face in the crowd

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Entrance four

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Me… a softie…

Going through old posts here, and found this I posted a year ago.
Almost on the dot!

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Theme with variations

Realised I have quite an amount of photos with cups, mugs, shops, breaks, moments…  et cetera – all with the pre-word: Coffee! And also words like cakes, cookies, chocolate and – of course – cafeteria!
I might very well NOT have found all of them…

What does this say about me, I wonder?

And which one of these images isn’t actually a photo of mine? Well I know! And I think you do as well!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a theme

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Out in the deep, deep…

Originally posted on feb 5th, 2015 – but it’s the same this year. Almost no snow at all, and when some comes – it melts quickly again. Today, now – jan 24 2018, at 10:15 AM – the temperature here is +5,1 C. Very mild in other words, though not mild enough to feel like spring. Still winter-clothing on!

But the winter 2009 – 2010! 

… deep snow!
Not this winter though.

So far we have got very little snow, as I write this  – just a thin layer.
I’m glad! Snow makes the world brighter, and it can be very beautiful. But here on the west coast, it very quickly turns in to slippery ice. Snowing and freezing one day, melting the other, then freezing to ice again.
Hate to walk and bike under such circumstances.
Not to mention the blizzards…

But a couple of years ago, the winter 2009 – 2010, we got it all. A looooooong winter with loooooots of snow. Also the next winter was… very white… (understatement)

And now! – almost nothing.
But farther north in Sweden I hear there are a lot of snow, and since it’s just early in February anything can happen even here in the south.
But I hope not… nothing including tons of snow anyway…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

and still a true statement…

 And I say...
- may the force take the so called 
"enhancements" on wp away again -
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I call this image: Mirroring…

… and the rest I leave to silence

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

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Free falling


It should be like this now! But is it?! Nope. Not here in the south of Sweden. (In one way – the slippery and biking way – for the best)

Instead, this photo I took a couple of years ago when I visited a place some 700-800 km further north from here, in the middle of Dalarna. That winter, there and then, was amazing. Very cold, but also very beautiful and very wonderful. 

That kind of winter I can love. That’s a kind of free falling…

And here’s another free falling…

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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Really good music…


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A dream…

…you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is a reality!
(John Lennon)

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Stand by me




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Museum piece

This building – and the entire quarter actually – can be seen at Fredriksdals Museum and Gardens here in Helsingborg. In this particular house there has been a Pharmacy, and not only for selling drugs but also to manufacture them.

It’s quite irritating though, I can’t find proper information on internet about these old buildings! Not even the Museums own site has anything to tell me about these old city quarters! And I can’t remember everything I once knew, and would like to tell you.

But at least I know that the different buildings in this quarter is built between 1700-1900, and I guess this particular one is from sometime around 1850. But I can be mistaken.

Besides the pharmacy, here are also the facilities of a dentist, a barber, several stores… and … and… may God protect me! – my memory is like a non-stick frying-pan!

I took this photo in early May, 2017 – and thanks to Pixlr I can make the image look as old as the building.

Here is what that page looks like (at the moment). Not particularly encouraging, uh… not even a header image like on the other pages. (Link on the picture at the bottom)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

Wikipedia on The gardens – unfortunately not in english:ädgårdar

and the rest is silence… my silence…

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The old main bridge

How old, I don’t know…

This bridge is situated in Falkenberg, comes from the road directing in from south. Downtown city is just to the right of the image-view. The river is called Ätran. Still in use – the bridge – but with care. Low speed, no trucks. If I remember rightly, it’s a one-way direction as well. Towards the inner city. In these modern times… The image must be like 10 years old – give or take – so forgive me my forgetfulness…

I hastily did browse my images, and found only few weathered ones. I really do need to begin taking photos again! Maybe with my new iPhone SE I bought a fortnight ago? At least there are room for some photos…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

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Time goes by

Long time has gone, since I last posted anything here. I thought it was a month or so, but to my surprise it is closer to three.

What have I done? Well, nothing particular! Just been vegetating, I guess.
And it has been christmas as well… and it’s winter… darkness… dullness

I do have coffe at some cafeteria sometimes, though…
For example at Ikea…

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I too was there

Furthest down in the south-east of Sweden, there is an area called Österlen. It’s very beautiful. Mostly open landscape, and it says there is a special light there, due to the sea, the sky, the openness and the beech tree areas here and there.
I don’t dare call it woods. I know what real woods are. (Sorry, you inhabitants of Österlen…)
And quoting my dictionary when I was searching for a specific word: “delightful views over the undulating countryside”! (Thank godess I have this really helpful dictionary on my Mac)

My youngest daughter and I was there last weekend. Saturday it was all foggy, sunday was gray and rainy. But still, we had a very good time. We where looking at – and looking over – houses, since she and her family plan to move back home again. 😀 (Which is a wonderful plan. )

So we drove around a lot those days, and suddenly! Wow!!! Neither of us have never before seen a whole field with pumpkins, we just cried out loud and had to stop. And this wasn’t the only field we saw, and to that, there were many places along the road in this area with big signs that said: “Pumpkins for sale”, and there were tables and huge boxes on the ground overfilled with pumpkins.

So despite the dull weather we had a great time. Fun looking at those houses, we had lunch at OlofViktors i Glemminge (marvellous! I recommend that place), and had coffee in a small village called Sankt Olof, at @byvagen35 , a bakery and cafeteria. Both these establishments are focused on organic ingredients only.
Late in the afternoons we drove back home to my place where we had dinner (not totally organic unfortunately) and she slept over on my coach.

And I confess! This photo is hers.  I didn’t feel like exposing myself to the rain and the muddy ground. I remained behind the steering wheel. 😀

And just for fun, a couple of screen clips of the map

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

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Never too late…

It’s been a bit too much lately, but just the other day I biked to one of “my” Second Hand shops.
Bought a couple of books, and had some coffee.
Nice! 😀

… and then I went home and made nothing… again…

Nice… 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded
(the nature uses always curved and rounded lines, we use the straight ones… 😉 )

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From good old times

Old times both because my photos here are old, taken 1 January 2009, and also old as nature formation. Well! Partly humans has caused its rough appearance by cutting stones from the primary rock (perhaps better use the word paleozoic?, the base is mainly granite and gneiss), then the nature has made its course of history.

I know very little about this area, and unfortunately I haven’t got any image with a better overview of it. And awkwardly enough, I couldn’t find any good useful image to borrow on the internet either. Not even Wikipedia! There was nothing!
Sometimes you really shouldn’t try to tell about something, just show the images… 😉

Well! There is a stunning view from this peak out over the west sea, Kattegatt, and I’ll give you what I have. Sorry it isn’t more.

My edited ones…

… and some other…

… and this one I finally did find and borrowed. It’s from the local newspaper, Hallands nyheter 25 mars 2009; image Johnny Samuelsson

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

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Soft september

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

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A point of view

From inside Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg. On the other side of the strait, you can see Denmark.
Quite a nice city to live in, Helsingborg! We’ve got it all! 😀 ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

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I guess, no words are needed…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

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Just a plain cup o’ coffee

Or should I call this post – Shadows?

I went downtown today and among other things I visited the main city library. I seated myself down for a while at the cafeteria – Café Birger – and enjoyed some coffee while reading.

The book: Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. (Which I bought at a Second Hand Shop before I entered the library!) Maybe an oldie in these hilariously fast tides, everybody seems to only reach for the newest nowadays, but nevertheless – a really good novel. And yes! I have read it earlier…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

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