About me!

I have for a very, very long time been interested in food, how the nutrition works in the body, how the body works, and what impact different kinds of food have for the Health.

äppleNow in July 2017, I’m changing the purpose for this blog. And for myself. I’ll have more posts about Health in general, and not quite as many with recipes.

And for me personally, I start from July 15th 2017, with three weeks of total vegan. Like a test period! Low-fat, high-carb, with lots of raw fresh fruits and vegetables, salads and such – but also cooked food. Casseroles, soups. Warm, spicy, tasty food. With rice, potatoes, bread. But all totally plant-based.

I have been an “almost-vegan” for quite a long time, but never really been able to take that last step. But now it’s time!

So in this blog you can’t get recipes with any diary products, meat or fish. There’re just a couple of those left  from the time I still was eating that once in a while – especially eggs, almost daily actually –  but I’m working on deleting those. And update all pages, links et cetera.

Since I’m oversensitive to gluten and wheat, of course there won’t be any recipes with wheat, rye and barley either.

äppleI’m a bad food blogger since I’m very conservative! I don’t know why! I just discovered that when I started to blog about food a couple of years ago.
I eat the same kind of courses over and over again. Eggs-something… lentil soups… rice-courses… salads… chili… thai… garlic… chocolate… I love chocolate!

And I’m ridiculously bad when it comes to write down the ingredients and make a recipe of it.
Not a good thing for a foodblogger…

So! I eat ate a lot of eggs, chicken now and then and other meat rarely! Now – from July 15th 2017 I won’t it that any longer. I’m going Plant-based! Plant- Strong!

So now I just have to start cooking…
and learning more about how to cook vegan so I can have more variety in my diet!


And one more thing!
I want the cooking to be quick and easy, and the food nutritious and delicious!

And all the recipes are for one person only  – unless I say something else.


2 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I am like this too: simple, quick, nutritious, no sugar, no gluten, very little dairy, rarely meat, mostly vegetables and fruit, nuts, legumes and some grains. I admire that you took on food blogging, it’s a tough one if you don’t use a recipe – also like me.


    1. Oh my food-blog!!!! It’s sooooo deeply asleep! And I’m soooo lazy when it comes to cooking. It seems that I eat almost the same! No imagination at all! Or am I just too bone-idle???
      But I AM very interested in nutrition and other food matters and if I take up that blog again, I’d rather write about that than share recipes. Probably. 😉


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