Out in the deep, deep…

Originally posted on feb 5th, 2015 – but it’s the same this year. Almost no snow at all, and when some comes – it melts quickly again. Today, now – jan 24 2018, at 10:15 AM – the temperature here is +5,1 C. Very mild in other words, though not mild enough to feel like spring. Still winter-clothing on!

But the winter 2009 – 2010! 

… deep snow!
Not this winter though.

So far we have got very little snow, as I write this  – just a thin layer.
I’m glad! Snow makes the world brighter, and it can be very beautiful. But here on the west coast, it very quickly turns in to slippery ice. Snowing and freezing one day, melting the other, then freezing to ice again.
Hate to walk and bike under such circumstances.
Not to mention the blizzards…

But a couple of years ago, the winter 2009 – 2010, we got it all. A looooooong winter with loooooots of snow. Also the next winter was… very white… (understatement)

And now! – almost nothing.
But farther north in Sweden I hear there are a lot of snow, and since it’s just early in February anything can happen even here in the south.
But I hope not… nothing including tons of snow anyway…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

and still a true statement…

 And I say...
- may the force take the so called 
"enhancements" on wp away again -
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