Museum piece

17 Jan
Museum piece

This building – and the entire quarter actually – can be seen at Fredriksdals Museum and Gardens here in Helsingborg. In this particular house there has been a Pharmacy, and not only for selling drugs but also to manufacture them.

It’s quite irritating though, I can’t find proper information on internet about these old buildings! Not even the Museums own site has anything to tell me about these old city quarters! And I can’t remember everything I once knew, and would like to tell you.

But at least I know that the different buildings in this quarter is built between 1700-1900, and I guess this particular one is from sometime around 1850. But I can be mistaken.

Besides the pharmacy, here are also the facilities of a dentist, a barber, several stores… and … and… may God protect me! – my memory is like a non-stick frying-pan!

I took this photo in early May, 2017 – and thanks to Pixlr I can make the image look as old as the building.

Here is what that page looks like (at the moment). Not particularly encouraging, uh… not even a header image like on the other pages. (Link on the picture at the bottom)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

Wikipedia on The gardens – unfortunately not in english:ädgårdar

and the rest is silence… my silence…

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