Soon it’s time…

… it seems – to quit WordPress entirely!

Not only that I have other matters to occupy myself with, I have and I know more will come. Something closer to where I live and where I am in life.

Not only that I get more and more irritated over the “enhancements” that WP has brought on us for the last two years or so. And the difficulties to find relevant information.

What really bugs me, is this that once in a while shows up.
Yes! I was customising! I admit! I had changed the background color on a blog, which I’m perfectly allowed to do, and had just saved it! Then oops!

Shame on you WordPress! This is so rude, and so wrong!

And if it was even possible to customise something we haven’t bought the possibility to customise, it’s YOU who have made some error.

Or…. the thought came to me…
… are you really that stupid that you think this kind of remark is funny!?!?!?!?!?!

No WP! You don’t make me want to stay, nor even less to buy any kind of premium or other stuff by this. On the contrary! You make me want to walk away from WP!

And this message today – which I will point out a bit extra, wasn’t the first time it showed up -It was the last drop!


9 thoughts on “Soon it’s time…”

  1. Sorry your having so much trouble with WP, I’ve seen this happen on other sites. My old site was recently moved to self hosting and it basically made the site useless as self-hosted sites are not visible in the Reader. WP has angered me too for a long time…


    1. Oh, that’s why I don’t see you there! Thought they had become like Facebook. And before that I could see your post, but not the images.
      I think wp is getting more and more irritating. Not fun any more like it used to be.


  2. Skulle skriva på förra inlägget om den där muggen….men det gick inte…. Så jag skriver här istället. Gapskrattade när jag läste det förra inlägget- blir som Kafka eller moment 22- hur galet som helst!!! ( antagligen en man som designat och valt material!!!! ) Eller så är det inte tänkt som drickskärl! Man vet inte!!


    1. Ja harregu! Hur har denne tänkt? Ha saft i och det där gummilocket på för att skydda från getingar? Nä visst nä! Jag gillar inte saft så det dricker jag aldrig. Jag gillar te och kaffe. Och varm choklad – när jag gör den själv.


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