I am just asking!


Shall we keep on destroying the earth we are living on, or shall we start to love it and take care of it? Before we extinct our selves!


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    1. People in general need more knowledge and understanding of their own role in this, and what they can and should do. For their own personal health as well as for the earth itself and the enviroment. Take care, don’t destroy!

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        1. Me too, at least at heart. Times in life, like when the kids were small, being vegan and such wasn’t much of an option. Maybe if my husband at that time had been interested, but he was a whole-hearted carnivore… HAHAHA!
          Didn’t even eat fish! Serve him a lentil soup!!!! Forget it! Or I… would regret it.
          I divorced him after ten years.

          He is pretty sick nowadays…

          But then came Rachel Carson with her books about the ocean and the environment, and others like her. So at least then the “revolution” started to grow more and more in me. Healthy eating, take care… at least as good as possible

          And now – from like 90% vegan to 100 %. And I feel good! Am healthy. Look younger
          than I am…
          Green is good!

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          1. I’ve been vegetarian most of my life; travel by cycle, walk or public transport; use less than one third of average power and water; collect rubbish from beach; recycle furniture, clothes, etc .. there are many many ways to lessen our carbon footprint and we should try it all. So well done but please keep going ..
            Sounds like a lucky escape from your intolerant ex .. what goes down comes round

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          2. You are way better than I !!! 😀
            But I sold my car when I didn’t need it any longer (due to work), have always preferred biking and have done/do it a lot. Often, though not always, buy my stuff from Second hand, give to second hand what I don’t use any longer, save water. Can’t say how much, and I know I could have done more, but I’m still alive and kicki’n!!! See this as a new startover! 😀
            And I now upgrade to totally vegan. Not just like 80% or something. No animal food whatsoever. Have been vegetarian many periods over the years, so I have experience.

            The “carnivore-thing” wasn’t the worst – and he had good qualities as well. But really glad I didn’t stay.

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  1. Sorry, I can’t agree with the Globalism thought process. These critters have been here far longer than us. They will continue to survive regardless.


    1. Is ok! Luckily we can all have our own opinions about things.
      My opinion is that humans are responsible for a lot of things that aren’t good at all. Hopefully both whales and the nature at large outlives us.

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