Lovely weather yesterday! I entered my bike and for a couple of hours I spent time in this huge “Forest park”, Pålsjö skog.

These photos are from a part of a much longer path called Kattegattleden. In total 370 km, from Helsingborg where I live, to Gothenburg, and following the coast line all the way, for walking and biking.

Here with all the beautiful, lovely trees and bushes, and here and there some open spots, it was almost impossible to see anything properly. And by “anything” I mean the seashore. I saw green, green, green… (Isn’t that wonderful? 😀 ) But here and there, between all the trees and bushes and flowers climbing the side of the ridge, were glimpses of water, and later on the road and some of the houses along its way.

This part through Helsingborg follows a ridge that rises up between 20 and 40 meters above sea level; the lowest is 12 feet above sea level at Ramlösa and 8 feet above sea level at Pålsjö in the north. (This information I stole from Thalassas homepage. hehe…)

And Thalassa! My photo almost only shows the roof of that building. I had to borrow some pictures from their website


I biked most of my two hours, but walked with my bike the 1,6 km through this part of the park. Then, when on the “real” road again I biked until I reached Sofiero castle, and then made my way back home through the bigger forest on the other side of the road. That was a dark forest. Green green green, mostly beech trees but also a lot of other leafy trees, and I didn’t take any photos at all in there.

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14 thoughts on “A bike-tour along the … seaside?

  1. wonderful photos and a great trip Ninna, I have done lots of cycling in Denmark, my friend there has two cycles so we used to do long trips around the coast, to ports and through parks. Cycling really is the best way to see places/things 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kate! Denmark is lovely! But I can’t remember if I’ve ever had my bike with me over there. In the matter of fact, is’t been a really long time since I visited Denmark. And it wasn’t exactly the first I thought about after moving back here. Such a trip also requires a companion. 😀

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          1. That too. Me too! But not ALL the time! Before I came back here, in that other city I was way too lonely. It hurt me! Here I’m alone very much, but I don’t feel lonely.

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          2. agree Ninna, being alone and feeling alone are two very different things … which is why it’s important that we find a sense of purpose or meaning plus community connections .. glad you are more content 🙂

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