In the sunny corner

… of my tiny garden.

It’s been a cold summer so far. Just some day now and then with warm air and hot sunshine. But I guess the warmth will come. After all – it’s possible to sit on the patio in sunny afternoons.

My plants don’t grow very fast. The geraniums and the tomato plant I’ve had for a while, at least they’re still alive. And there are some small green tomatoes slowly getting bigger. Eventually they will be red and sweet.

The lobelia and tagetes plants I bought the day before yesterday, and particularly the lobelias are supposed to grow really big. Like long, fluffy, curly – dark blue-purple – hair.

And soon it will be July.





Why bother about the past
or worry of what’s to come
better be present in the Now
enjoying the summer and the sun

(Can I have some more coffee, please!)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

Afternoon tea in focus

Weekly Photo Challenge – in or out of Focus

It seems like yesterday…

… when it was only early spring…

C’est pas moi…

I’m just trying to organise my Image Collection

Kept in order

Natures order?
Or humans interference?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

Strolling around…

… once in a while
again and again
in the time of summer