… what your imagination might tell you about deep, dark waters . It may be all wrong…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger




13 thoughts on “Beware of…

      1. Rumor has it that in the early 1900’s a butler was fishing in a small boat just off shore from the residence. Supposedly, he drown there. No idea if it’s true but it’s stuck with me since I was a kid. Passing over that area in a boat was creepy…


        1. During centuries and millenniums there must have been many who has drowned in the sea, in lakes, in any kind of waters. But hearing about such things as a child, yes, it feels very creepy. Like if there is something evil down deep.

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    1. Actually. It was very beautiful and serene. As it is a stream, it may, perhaps, be some fish there… and old branches, leaves and such. Very earthly really… 😉

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