Pure happiness

When visiting the aunt – and she still has the cousins old wooden trains…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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18 thoughts on “Pure happiness

  1. Cute, is that your drawing?


    • Oh, I can’t draw, Kate. Never have. It’s a photo I took and later edited. 🙃

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      • You may not draw Ninna but you have a talent with the editing .. I am just learning about it but have no idea how to do your creative stuff!

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        • Thank you, Kate! Yes! My hands can’t draw, but I know I have eyes for images.
          But you can never do my stuff!

          Try different techniques, visit museums and blogs with photos etc, listen to music, go out in the nature, whatever feels good for you – but most important of all – feel inside yourself and find your own creativity. And DO what you want to do! Do it over and over again.

          Along with playing with my not always so good photos, I have also made lots and lots of posters, flyers, adds and such.

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  3. Ja, du gör verkligen läckra bilder!
    Hoppas du har den lugn och härlig påsk!
    stor kram


  4. Beautiful, Ninna! 🙂


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