Writing my heart out


I intended to!
I wanted to!
I need to!

But I don’t.

I quibbled a bit over my whatever-it-is on my Swedish blog yesterday, and felt ashamed afterwards because I quibbled. I don’t want to be or appear negative! I want to see things from the bright side, to be happy and positive! Not to be negative and see things on the black scale.

I do want, though, to write my heart out in the purpose of letting go of the past, of bad experiences, of the millions of thoughts that occupy my mind. But not even once I have done so!

One day I was thinking about writing something about loneliness – but I never came around doing it. Didn’t even start… didn’t try…

Another day I decided  to test my BeFocused app, and write for 30 minutes about whatever came to my mind. It went surprisingly well! Only for the last 4-5 minutes or so, I had difficulties to find words!

Now, just a couple of days later I can’t remember what I wrote. Not one single thing! I don’t even remember if I were quibbling or not! Maybe that’s good?

I should really do some more of that stuff. Not every day is a biking day! Some days it rains! Literally!


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