Feelings of security

The first I saw when I entered the wood (i.e. huge park-area) Pålsjö skog, was not all the beech trees nor the other burgeoning greenery. It was the endless carpets of wood anemones that caught my eyes. I stopped my bike, descended and just went on walking very slowly along the lane, breathing the fresh air, and drinking the beauty around me.

And spring is finally here, that’s for sure! (I hope)

At the old Pavillion, once upon a time built for dancing, you can sit down and enjoy waffles. With or without toppings. And with, for example, coffee! Sitting away from the slightly chilly wind, embracing the sun, was so wonderful. Feelings of being secure, calm, relaxed – and happy – filled me from top to bottom. Really good gut-feelings!

The pavillion, rotunda! If I don’t remember wrong, at least there are possibilities to dance here in the summer. Particularly Midsummer eve.

From some distance…

And no! No toppings for me. Cream makes me feel ill in my stomach; I don’t like jam – too sweet; and didn’t feel like having something salty today. But the waffle was delicious nevertheless. Hot, crispy and with a superb hint of vanilla.

Anemone quinquefolia is an early-spring flowering plant in the genus Anemone, native to North America. It is commonly called wood anemone, like Anemone nemorosa, a closely related European species. The American species has been treated as a subspecies of Anemone nemorosa.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Security


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12 thoughts on “Feelings of security

  1. Beautiful photos and sentiment!


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  3. Nice interpretation of the word, security. Those waffles sure look tasty!


  4. Hi Ninna thank you for always visiting my blog. I am going to unfollow your home language blog follow this one and then you will see more of me as well


    • I visit, wouldn’t miss it. But sorry – I only rarely comment. I think it’s a good decision to follow W&P instead. It’s quite hopeless with a language one doesn’t understand at all – and the post mostly contain words.
      So, thank you! You’re very welcome over here!


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