I need to do this!

I want to, and I would benefit immensely from it.

Write my heart out!
On any subject that comes to my mind. Get rid of frustrations, sadness, anger – I have realized I still have that issue inside of me – but also indulge myself in all the positive feelings I have. I really do have those too!

It’s scary. Scary to be more personal and let go of what’s inside. I’m not even sure I know what’s going on in there! Well! Some of course! And I know I have to do this if I ever want to be totally healthy. Psychologically, physically and… yeah… all of me.

I need to pour my heart out. But to others? Do I dare to? And can I? I mean… when I think about this, that I ought to write, it’s like a blockage comes over me. My mind goes totally blank, and thus I don’t even write one single word! I don’t even go near the Apple-machine! Except for watching a movie or doing some solitaire…. jigsaw puzzle… what ever…

However I decide to do this, publicly on the blog or only secretly to myself – that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I do it! But maybe it’s funnier and in a way easier, to do it here on the blog. Maybe blogging about it gives me that kick in the ass I need – to get around my issues? The benefit of feeling like I’m actually “talking” to somebody!

Can I do it? Will I do it?
At least I’ll try!

And YES! There is really high time to move on with my life!

These are some of the writing tip-offs I found via Facebook, get the rest of them here: Write something every day

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