But another furniture superstore. Not as big as Ikea, but certainly not small. MIO!

I was there to buy myself a decent bed. And I found one which I liked very much and chose. Can’t sleep on the sofa in the long run. Been doing that for 6 months. And been living here in my new apartment in my hometown, after moving back, for 2 months.
How fast time passes by…

The renovation of the room – painting all over, new wallpapers and a really nice parquet flooring of oak – is done. So it was about time to get a bed and some other new stuff, and I thought a bed was the most important.

I think that white book shelf is very appealing… Maybe? Sometime?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

… and the bed…


the adjustable one is mine…
and with the “bed head piece”
(have absolutely no idea what that is called in english






19 thoughts on “Not Ikea

  1. The board could be called a Head Board or header board in the States. I’ve been sleeping on a blow-up mattress for almost a year since my divorce, and it’s super comfortable. But I need a real bed I suppose. That’s an interesting looking bed you purchased. 😌☺️


    1. (Pushed the wrong button)
      It doesn’t sound very comfortable sleeping on a blow-up mattress, but I know there are different kinds to choose from, so it might even be better than my sofa. Most of all it’s too hard, and I hate I have to hide the bedclothes every day, also the mattresses. So I mostly don’t…

      The bed is awesome, you can sit very comfortably in it without a lot of cushions, and it has a perfect height, and the headboard – 😀 – protects the wall

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      1. The inflatable allows me to adjust the hardness. I have three herniated lower lumber discs in my back, and this stupid bed doesn’t bother my back in the least. Go figure…


    1. It is! It’s just that I don’t know what I want! 😱
      Well! Roughly I do. And the bed was the easy part. But everything that catches my attention costs a lot of money. So I’ll take it slow.
      Still! It’s fun and I love this opportunity to start over with almost everything. 🤗

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      1. And so you should enjoy it! If you’re not sure take your time … I prefer second hand stuff. Not just budget required but I really like the character. Have fun and please keep us posted?

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        1. Oh, I will! And take the time needed!
          During the years I’ve bought many items from second hand shops. Both clothes as well as furnitures and bric-a-brac. Not necessarily ornamental or rare though, just useful or appealing. 😉


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