Where am I?

Sometimes I force myself to write a word or two… 😉
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A new beginning

I’m not sure. On my way through life, obviously, but exactly where?

On the whole I feel fine! But I have no particular appetency to do anything particular. I want to take a nap after lunch, to read, to sit on the patio sunny hours och meet some friends now and then. And taking rides on my bike, of course.

I would like to write, but it seems that it’s almost impossible at present-time. I have written some for my Swedish blog, though. After all: it IS easier to write in swedish! I don’t have to think of grammar or choosing the right/best words, et cetera, as when I write in english. But otherwise! Hardly don’t even think about writing a short story or work on any of my half-done novels.

The sciatic pains holds me down a bit, I realize that. But also, the changes in my life lately makes…

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6 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Sciatica is very painful. I hope you feel better soon.


    • Hope so too, Ally! And thank you for the good wishes. But my new fysiotherapeutist told me yesterday that the pain is probably due to spinal stenosis…….. 😦

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      • Oh no, I hope they can treat that?


        • They can’t! But I may! It depends on me and how I treat myself! But a physiotherapist can help by giving me advice, peptalk and suitable exercises. But I’m the one who have to do the work. And rely on my body’s ability to heal. After the initial sadness, I felt like: “I’ll show them!”

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          • I think the body can heal itself if given the right conditions.Keep saying those posative things! All the best xxxx


          • I think so too, Ally! And I’ll try my best to give it the right conditions! ❤

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