Where am I?

I’m not sure. On my way through life, obviously, but exactly where?

On the whole I feel fine! But I have no particular appetency to do anything particular. I want to take a nap after lunch, to read, to sit on the patio sunny hours och meet some friends now and then. And taking rides on my bike, of course.

I would like to write, but it seems that it’s almost impossible at present-time. I have written some for my Swedish blog, though. After all: it IS easier to write in swedish! I don’t have to think of grammar or choosing the right/best words, et cetera, as when I write in english. But otherwise! Hardly don’t even think about writing a short story or work on any of my half-done novels.

The sciatic pains holds me down a bit, I realize that. But also, the changes in my life lately makes me tired, yet satisfied. And that’s good! That’s how it should be! All I have to do is to let go of the past and of all that have been “bad”, and stay in the Now. And enjoy it, just as it is.Be as happy with it as I actually am!

With pain in the ass and all… 😉

The image at the top is of the altar in “my” church. And of course I have played around with the photo in my favorite editing program. Pixlr. Exists as apps and on the net. www.pixlr.com


12 thoughts on “Where am I?

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    Sometimes I force myself to write a word or two… 😉


  2. Grateful that you are writing in English, it’s great …much better than my Swedish!

    Sorry for you back pain – do you have meds or are you waiting for surgery?


    1. I know! That’s why I intend to write in english sometimes as well. I think the google translator does a terrible job. I tried once to see how it worked on one of my own texts, and I felt ashamed how badly it was translated. But! It is after all some kind of machine!!!

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      1. I have to agree, a lot gets lost in the meaning once we do google translator. Much thanks for some English.


        1. I’ll try to write in english a little more often. After all! It’s really fun! And encounter way more people! I mean in a positive way, of course! 😀

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          1. Thank you, I look forward to that.

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    2. I have pain killers of course.
      No talk about surgery.
      And I’m not totally convinced it actually is spinal stenosis. The symptoms seems to be there, she said so, but to be sure I would have to have an X-ray. Many times the same symptoms can indicate many different things.

      I see this as a strong wake-up-call for me to really do something about my health in general. To straighten up my posture; strengthen my muscles – especially the torso – the back, the stomach, the chest. To be aware of how I walk, sit – how I do things!

      And added to that – relax, meditate, have fun, be happy, eat healthy food – and so on! Since I’m already in to these latter stuffs, I think enhance that probably will be easier than to work out at a gym.
      But I consider myself been very well motivated to do my best now.

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      1. Yes Ninna, sometimes we do need a wake up call to motivate us to take better care. I’ve had the spinal surgery and walk very well now altho I was quite lame for 12 years. I wouldn’t recommend it, better to work on strengthening everything as you say.


        1. Oh gosh! 12 years! My heart is bleeding for you! Dare hardly even think of that scenario for me!
          My sciatic pain hit me in the beginning of May last year. And only about a months ago I felt it was worsening. Except for times and days everything felt quite alright! Though I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since spring 2008. And already that one is so connected with stress!


          1. Rest your back, not sitting too long is very important. Please be careful, this comes from one who knows?

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