Letting go…

BUT! Can anyone tell me HOW to do that?

I don’t dwell the past very much, certainly don’t fret about it. Of course I haven’t forgot everything, but remembering and fretting is certainly not the one and the same! And really shouldn’t be!

My “problem” is the present. To not bother about what can be considered “bad”, and instead concentrate on what is “good”. I can in a way! I do in a way! But certainly I need to be better at that.

So! How do I do “Let go” when it’s said you shouldn’t “do” anything! Just be!
I want to “Just Be” as much as possible. To be, and stay in the Present. (It IS a gift!)

But I know for sure I have moved on, and maybe I am still doing it! Moving on.
Maybe I just haven’t landed yet!

Credit: I found this posted on Instagram by Doreen Virtue;
(links both to her Instagram and to her website…)

… and this, maybe, can be of some help…

Thank you, Doreen!

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