Deep thinking

I had intended to read, but somehow – and as usual – I never got around to do it. Didn’t even pick a book. Instead I landed in front of the iMac, started Netflix and watched a movie! I of course scrolled a bit at first, didn’t know what to choose, but then from my list, I picked “The bucket list”.
I’ve seen it before, two or three times, but this is that kind of movie you can see over and over again

Okay! Here are these two guys, you know the actors very well, both with cancer meeting each other on the hospital and become friends. Then a Bucket list is made up, and before they die, they go out for some adventure. Doing things they’ve been wanting to do before they die.

It’s a very touching movie, and as usual this topic makes you start thinking. What would I do if I knew for sure, I’d only have three months left before I die!

I’m not sure I can answer that question, not even privately to myself. What would I do? Travel around the world? Visit Masada, the big wall of China, Paris, Kairo, Rome? Would I travel with the Orient Express?

Travel and see the world would be very nice, no doubt about that. But I haven’t that kind of money, and money sure is required if you want to travel around the world.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful, just to let go of things! Quit the ordinary life, sell all my things and rent or borrow some cottage for the remaining months. Never again worry about the future, nor feel sorry about the past. Don’t ever again think of what he or she said or did years ago which made you so sad and anxious.

Just read the books of your choice, meet people you love, and who loves you. Listen to the birds singing, and enjoy the morning sun against your forehead while your having breakfast. Laugh! Dance! Be in the present every second of your life, and enjoy it! No matter how short or long it may be. Enjoy every breath you take. See the beauty in everything that surrounds you!

Do we really have to wait until Death breathes us in the neck, before we realize we are waisting so much time and energy letting negative thoughts occupy our mind?
Let go of the past, and don’t worry about the future! Just live in the present, do what you love, and love what you do!