It’s 8 PM and all is well

That is! The switch from domain-blog to a not-domain-blog seems to have gone fine. At least as I can see it from here.

Everything is still in place, and the only thing I don’t know for sure or can see, is if you still can reach me. There’s still the same amount of followers so I hope so. Now when I intend to start take photos again. And add here… in this blog…

Don’t know why I worried, but I didn’t know for sure if…




4 thoughts on “It’s 8 PM and all is well

  1. Your still here, I see you!! 😎👍🏻


    1. That’s good to hear! I mean know… Thank you, John! ❤

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      1. You made it, your site is still alive and well!! 😃


        1. Silly in a way. It wasn’t a big thing. Actually. But now I know that… 😉

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