I have made up my mind

I will remove ordibild.com. The domain, that is. Not the blog itself. So if everything goes the way I want, tomorrow the name of the blog is www.ordibild.wordpress.com (instead of http://www.ordibild.com.) So if you’ve lost me you can find me there.

rainday9aIf everything goes totally wrong, I’ll still be at

So I hope for the best, that everything will still be here tomorrow. All posts, images, pages – you! If the theme changes – that doesn’t matter. I can easily choose any theme I like. I’ll do this sometime today, probably in the evening. I have some tasks I will attend to during daytime.

rainday8aFirst, though, I’ll download an export-file if I loose any content in the process. I think – I hope – the only thing that will change is the name.  But I won’t know for sure until all is done. I guess, if I have to use the export-file to import the contents back, the featured images wont be featured any longer, but I can live with that. I think.

Why am I a bit nervous? After all, if it’s lost. it’s lost! It’s not the end of the world! Is it? No, it isn’t. I know that! But still!

rainday1aI wish WP would provide sufficient informtion about things, about what actually happens when you do this or do that. But no.

As very common, manuals are written by those who know, to adress others who also already know and also understand the things that aren’t written.

But thanks Godess this isn’t Google!

And the images are without any meaning at all…
To the text-content…


2 thoughts on “I have made up my mind

  1. Great idea to download the site before making a big change! I hope this goes well for you. I’ve considered moving to a self-hosted platform but… not just yet.


    1. Never take chances… Well, I certainly don’t know everything about the technicalities around blogging, home pages and such, on the contrary! But at least I know some of the most important stuff! 😉
      A couple of times I have encountered, and had to work with, the wordpress alternative wordpress.org. I hate it! Self hosted, may be, but difficult and absolutely confusing. To me that is. So what if I can choose between say 2000 or more themes? When it still isn’t easier than our free wordpress.com! And all the other stuff… and you have no possibility to make the blog as you want it before you publish! Unless there is some trick you can’t find that “button”.
      Despite the mixed feelings we have about our blogs “enhancements”, it’s nevertheless probably one of the best blog-hosts there is. Not that I have tried everyone there is. At least it is fairly understandable!

      And the switch seems to have gone alright! Nice! 😀 Maybe I should give the rest of the evening to write blogposts…


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