There is something on my mind

For four years now, I’ve had this Domain registration on this blog together with a privacy protection. In all 26 USD/year. I don’t want to have that any longer, I don’t want to pay anything at all to WP any longer. Not that 25 USD is the end of the world, but there are other things I rather would spend it on.

The main reason though, that I want to remove this domain upgrade, is that I think WP due to its “enhancements” has made blogging more irritating and time consuming. It’s not easier to move around, the “improved editor” is hopeless, and the app is… okay practical to use for scrolling through the reader…

I shouldn’t complain to much perhaps. Despite the “enhancements” WP still might be the best blogg-host, compared to other options – not  that I know of every option there is. (And as long as I won’t encounter But I don’t want to pay for this upgrade any longer. It isn’t worth it! The only noticable and visible change is the name. With the domain this blogs name is: Without it’s called So!!!!!!??????

And the privacy protection part? I can’t notice any difference from my other blogs! Maybe due to a strong password which I change now and then, and that the mailadress I have here, only is connected to WP and never use anywhere else?

But how do I do to get rid of it?


I must say! It’s D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T to find information. First of all to find any information, second to find a clear concise information about this particular question. After hours of searching, the only thing I found was that I could remove, but nothing says if I still will have I think so, but can I be sure? Will I still have my posts and my images? Will I still have YOU – my wonderful skillful followers? Or will everything be removed???? All of it????

I have been pondering, should I instead manually delete Words&Pics the ordinary way? Just poofff bang bye and gone forever the entire blog? And instead focus on my other blog where I write more? The blog A new beginning? (Haven’t written much lately, moved to another city, you know, will be back on track)
Or should I just remove “ the domain” and hope for the best! Taking a chance all the content still will be there and that none of you will lose me, and therefore I lose you.

Let me have a day or two to reflect on this a bit more. Somehow I’ll remove the domain. And I hope, if lost, we all can find each other again. There are ways!
I’ll be – if possible – at or – if the other occurs – at A new beginning where I in that case will post both images as well as written some-things.

And after all – I’ve just started A New Life! In my original hometown! I’ve already reconnected to some of my old friends AND have met new ones! In less then three weeks. Sometimes it feels funny, awkward, to change what eleven years have done to me, into not the old me, but into a new me. So now I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off, getting myself together, leaving the bad things behind, embrace the learnt lessons-  and start my life again, new and refreshed. In a much better place,

That, I think, is a good match. After all that has happened and to all that now will happen. 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Match


11 thoughts on “There is something on my mind

  1. Great post! I’m now following your other blog. I also pay for one through WordPress and have a free site, where I don’t write as often. Thanks for sharing!😀


    1. Hi! Thank you and welcome! 😀
      I have actually 4 blogs. One about food – which I mostly ignore (not on purpose), one in Swedish since I live in Sweden.
      Words&Pics which I wanted to mostly post images in, and A new beginning, where my intentions were to mostly write in. In English.
      I Felt sorry for my not-swedish followers when they visited my Swedish blog. The google translator is after all… not quite… sufficient. Better to write myself. Not perfect, but better… and to do it in my style 😉

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      1. I totally understand but I was able to pull up the English translation. You have a great blog. 🙂


  2. Have you contacted a ‘happiness engineer’ as WP calls them? They may have some tops. And I totally agree on the ‘new and improved’ editor, it’s rubbish! i always swich to the real one.


    1. Do they really have a ‘happiness engineer’?
      OMG!!! THAT really makes me laugh!!!!
      And I too only use the real editor. As long as we have it.

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      1. Yeah, as long as we have it. Should WP remove the real thing, I might bail out then. That other editor just plain old SUCKS!! Yes, they call themselves Hapyness Engineers. Goofy. I can’t spell today!


        1. I too will probably bail out then…
          Happyness……. hmmm…

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          1. Blogging isn’t always happy I guess.


          2. 😁 Better than Facebook…

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          3. I despise FaceBook!!

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