The butterfly has landed

Though a gray, rainy day, not even a glimpse of sunshine, all went well with my move. Very well indeed. The worst might have been being without proper Internet for almost five whole days. Could only reach it through my iPhone and 3G/4G, which might had been very expensive if that would have continued for a longer period. So better be cautious, no surfing any waves.

I admit, I felt lonely and isolated without full Internet connection, but I also realized how spoiled we all are with the modern technique. Not necessarily in a bad way. Being connected globally is neither good nor bad in itself, it’s what we use it for that might be either or – or somewhere in between.

But now those days are gone, and I’m sitting here tired but satisfied. I haven’t been doing much since my friend left, just moving around the boxes so they wouldn’t be in the way. Before he left he assembled the sofa-parts, did the connection to Internet via the router, gave me some advice in the matter and then we called for dinner. First time ever I’ve called for dinner to be delivered to my door. Well, never too late to do something for the first time!

My back is aching, and my whole body is kind of stiff. As a board, yes. But I feel so good. When I saw the dining table fitting so well in the kitchen, it was like the sun was shining and my stomach was smiling. I got all warm inside. Then, for the entire evening now, I’ve mostly been dwelling in the sofa watching Netflix. Waatching Star Trek The Next Generation. My favourite together with ST Voyager.

As soon as possible I’ll hunt for some kind of blinds for the windows. I have to have something to hide behind during evenings and nights. Don’t like anybody watching me while I’m sleeping. I also long for taking a bike ride and really do hope I’ll be able to do that already tomorrow. Though… I’ll probably be aching all over, but who cares…

I’m obviously not a butterfly of any kind, but I’ll fly.
I’ve spread my wings and the rest of my life I’ll fly!

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