There are now…

… four days left before the day when I’ll be moving. Suddenly the days go by very quickly. And every day there is something scheduled to do.

Tomorrow tuesday at 10.15 AM I have my last appointment with my counselor, and in the afternoon I’ll treat my friends at “the office” with “goodbye, farewell, will probably never see you again- cakes”. I never eat that kind of cakes. I’ve baked my own today. A banana-chocolate-almond-one…

Wednesday I and my friend will drive south to get my keys to the new apartment and check so it is whole, clean and in one piece…

Thursday I’ll do the laundry. Extended laundry, you could say. Like – everything!

Friday I have to do some food-shopping. Just milk actually. My helping friend wants milk in his coffee. I never touch the stuff. But I’ll buy some water and beer bottles too. In the afternoon then woman who’ll move in to this apartment comes to get her keys. (Except one)
And in between these musts-to-do’s I have to finish the cleaning and the packing. But that’s no big deal. Done most of it already.

And Saturday my friend comes with the moving car, we load it with my stuff and then drive south.


Then! I am back in my hometown again! Lucky me! Thank you!



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