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A new beginning

I’m on Facebook mainly to find wise words and encouragements, (the rest is free to go somewhere the sun doesn’t shine.) Today I found this, published by Truth Teller.

Actually! I heard recently on my meditation/discussion-group, that the intelligence quote is descending throughout the world. Particularly in the western hemisphere and among youngsters. I have no numbers or statistics on this, but generally speaking I think it’s true. Just watch how many who think Facebook  and Twitter always delivers facts, always are true, and how many who are connected to these kinds of media lots and lots of hours! Who live through Internet

It also seems to be more and more kids that quit school without even basic knowledge in reading, writing and maths. And many – way too many – won’t even try to think for themselves. Don’t they want to learn something for themeselves? Do they only want to get what they need, served on a…

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