All by myself

I still write in english, once in a while, not only in swedish…

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A new beginning

No, it’s not difficult at all, to live in the land of Nothingness. Partly, of course, because I know it won’t last forever.

But don’t think that Being Alone Doing Nothing, is literally Being Alone Doing Nothing all the time. I still shop for food, cook, eat, have contact with people. I just don’t engage myself in any must-do-ish or have-to-do-ish tasks. In almost no tasks at all, actually. Not been writing much, done next to nil blogging, not been taking any photos. Haven’t made my bed for ages…

the alchemist One of the few I’ve read lately. Have read before a couple of times – and I still like it.

I have been reading some, but not the philosophy literature I intended to read. Too much engagement, I realized. For now. And those books I have read, have taken me long time to read.
I have been watching quit a lot of movies…

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