Living space

In the middle of everything.

Just wondering… is this house still there? Nine years have gone since I visited this area. What does it look like in the summer? When the trees and bushes are green, how much of the house can you see from the road? And the people who live there? Do they only live there during the summer, or all year around? Questions arise in my mind, I won’t get any other answers than my imagination gives me.

It seems to be nostalgically romantic, doesn’t it?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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7 thoughts on “Living space

  1. I love the location of this house and photo is beautiful.


  2. Very romantic! You could go there again…


    • Yeah! I could! But will I?
      Though… not without a car. Or a friend with a car…


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  4. jmacindoe

    Wonderful colours on this shot!


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