To be honest

I’ve absolutely no idea what I want with this blog and what I’m supposed to post here. I’m not even quite sure of what I’m going to do with the rest of my life! Other then moving on into a slightly new world! A world of freedom, lots of bikingtours, being close to woods and seashores and an IKEA and – most important of all – close to two of my three daughters

I have other blogs here on wordpress, and I could use any of them to write whatever I want. Or post images if I would choose to. I have one in english with mostly images, and one in swedish where I mostly write. So why a completely new blog?

The only thing I’m sure of for now, is that I’m on a big turn in my life. I recently retired, and in six weeks I’m moving back to my hometown where two of my daughters live with their families, and I wanted to make a new start also in blogging! My whole life is about to start new!

Though I won’t erase my other blogs, I’ll keep on posting there, I just want to make something completely new as well.

I’ll probably mostly write here, and in english since that give me that extra feeling of starting fresh and new.

Images? Photos?
I havn’t decided yet! First of all I have this need to write.

About food? (Hence the header image)
Probably. Some. But not only. (I liked the image)

About the family?
Have absolutely no idea.

So let’s start and see what’s happening!. Don’t you think?

But first of all – Lunch!

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