When someone is about to move, like I am right now, there are moments and days when nothing can be done! Literally! Everything has been settled. The contract is signed, the to-do-lists are written, the friends are told you need help and the actual date is set. But it’s way too early to actually pack any boxes and bags, and to clean the apartment.

So! What do you do then? Hardly nothing. You’re restless and yet unable to focus on anything. Most of the time you just exist. Of course! If you have a job to attend to, you do that. But if you don’t? Then you perhaps just float around in the existence.

Yes, and there’s where I am right now. Six weeks left to “Go” and nothing to do.
Well… In a way…

And since I don’t have that many moving-boxes standing around in the flat yet, I borrowed a couple of images from a previous move some years ago.


2 thoughts on “Changings

  1. I don’t envy your task at hand, moving house is always a strain on many levels. May it go smoothly and quickly as possible! ☀️


    1. It will be fine! I have a tiny appartment now, think it’s called a studio in English, and the one I move to is not much bigger. One room and a kitchen, and a bathroom of course. I don’t own particularly much either. Thank you for your nice words! ❤


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