How about…

… a mid-day stroll on a cold, sunny day.


Weekly Photo Challenge: not this time of the year without

… and no snow – thank goodness

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6 thoughts on “How about…

  1. Great photo! Reminds me of my Michigan.


    • Thank you, John! This is one of the spots that reminds me of my hometown and its surroundings. I’ll soon move back there. 😀

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      • Good for you! I’m struggling with moving back up north to my home state, Michigan. It’s the climate up there. Las Vegas has the fabulous weather. Not sure I can take the cold and damp anymore.

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        • I’m so glad! The climate is about the same, only 80 km south from here, but the city is bigger – AND – two of my three daughters are living there with their families. That’s a really good thing.
          I wonder if Las Vegas would be a little bit too hot for me. Or maybe not… I don’t like the cold snowy icy winters here.

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