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Translator or not translator

WordPress has made it possible to translate the blogs we read into a language we are accustomed to, and know. That’s a good thing! Per se!

I tried it out on my Swedish and got; pleased, irritated and burst into a huge laughter. But as you see, I just had to try it out! Mostly because my Swedish blog no can be read even by those of you who don’t know Swedish. So Welcome!

In Swedish – the tagline is my interpretation of the blogname
The translators choices… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – What has a pump to do with a pen?

Frist I got irritated why it couldn’t translate Swedish into English – then I realized I had the main language for my blogs set on English. (Laughter) So first of all I had to go to settings and fix that. #check_and_all_right

Then I let the translator turn the blog into English and – laughter, irritation (a bit) – and shame

Laughter, since it really looked funny,
Irritation, since the choice of words often was so awkward, and some words wasn’t translated at all
Shame, since I myself write and understand English much better than this, and I hope no one will blame me because of the awkward twitches.

BUT! On the whole it’s really a good thing, this translator. Better a bad translation than none, and keeping this in mind, I hope it will render more laughs than irritation and question marks.

By the way! The Swedish word “pusslande” has to do with Jig saw puzzle. Nothing else

The coffee-image I found on Facebook on the site 

Once upon a time I had a blog (in swedish) where I called myself Coffee. It wasn’t about coffee though. It was mainly about being an ADHD and Introvert personality. Which doesn’t contradict each other

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