When fresh – a  summertreat. Thus a bit rare, but how delicious!
We call them wax-beans, but are closely related to ordinary haricots vertes – green beansIMG_2006

Weekly Photo Challenge:Rare


4 thoughts on “Beans

  1. My most sincere apologies Ninna, at a first quick glance I thought it was French fries and was about to comment that you are certainly not a banting diet supporter :). But O do not be perturbed by an old bean like me, my eyes are becoming a bit waxy!


    1. 😀 No offense taken, Abrie! If you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have known, would I? It’s always a risk to take when one does this with photos, playing around in some editing program or another. People can interpret the image in any way! But that’s quit good! Don’t you think? It shows creativity skills and imagination! 😉


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