I was sneaking out for a wee drop of coffee between the scattered showers yesterday morning. Are you sure it isn’t October already?
Well! Yesterday was yesterday, today the rain is just pouring down. Constantly…


If it wasn’t for all the green stuff out there, it would have been november. And it seems that only the west-coast in south of Sweden suffers from this non-summer-ish weather. Further north they have SUMMER! At least so far…

Today – from my kitchen window this morning at breakfast about 9.30 AM

But it’s a lovely weather to sit indoors and reed, write and take naps in.


13 thoughts on “Between the raindrops

  1. Sorry you are not experiencing summer. The east coast of the U.S. would love to take that rain away from you in exchange for a hot, dry summer. I hope it stops soon and you get to see sun and blue skies.


    1. It seems to be so much either – or nowadays! Too hot and too dry isn’t comfortable either. 😉 But! If we hadn’t the weather, what would we complain about? 😀 😀 😀

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        1. Det var värst! 😀 Jag har väl lite tur kan man säga, som inte behöver jobba längre. Kan ta vädret lite som det kommer


    1. This odd weather – or climate changes even? – can be experienced all around the world. Hope for better weather tomorrow too. Now, in the evening, the sun is shining!


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