Everything has its ending

the day
the summer
green leaves
the old table
the ultimate ending

endings includes a beginning
something new
a new morning
new green leaves
what about the table?

it may seem as if we are framed
in time
but go outside the frame
and you will get a new perspective
maybe even see  – the whole
the holiness

there are no frames
we just think so
and there is no death

IMG_2016 1200

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Framing summer

… and keeping as a memory


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Kitchen in memorandum

Early Morning sun in octobre, four years ago.
Well… maybe not that early…. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Eating habits

or just plain hunger


Bean soup

Pinto beans boiled in broth, with tomatoes, garlic, and chili.
A food-mixer to make it smooth.
Taste with lemonjuice and salt.
some chopped parsley and cucumber cubes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Browsing the city…

… inside that folder hidden in my photo library
… finding that I don’t have that many photos
taken from walkabouts in the city
… not at all as many as I could have had

if I only…
would do walkabouts in the city

but ifs never accomplish anything


… but I like this image from february 2015…
a brisk day, I remember

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Rare as a hare

Some extra color on this cloudy day is needed
Just the other day when I biked alongside the central station area, my eyes got caught of this train. Art-tour and retour – maybe even a detour? Catching anyhow.


Molniga dagar som idag behöver verkligen något soligt och färgglatt. Det här tåget stod på stationsområdet när jag för några dagar sedan cyklade där förbi. Läckert! Me like!!!

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Once upon a moon

Neither from the apartment where I lived before nor nearby I could see the stars as bright, nor the moon as big and shiny as I do here. The air is quite clean to breathe, and there’s a magpie couple living in the birch just a few meters outside my patio.
It’s quite breath-taking!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare


More enjoyable than fun, maybe…
More beautiful than fun, maybe…
But the entire sky, every cloud there was, was pink, orange, golden…
even when I first saw the beauty, facing east
the photos don’t do the moment justice
WPC: fun

Looking eastwards at 8.30 PM
Now 8.45, went for a short walk – and I couldn’t resist playing around with this photo, also partly to “hide” the villa

Fun, fun, fun

Working on the novel…
Having a 27 inch screen is marvelous! I can have three documents side by side if I want to (and need it) And still be able to comfortably read and write.

Oh, this writing is so fun!
… and yes! I have intentionally blurred the text…

IMG_1988Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun


Between the raindrops

I was sneaking out for a wee drop of coffee between the scattered showers yesterday morning. Are you sure it isn’t October already?
Well! Yesterday was yesterday, today the rain is just pouring down. Constantly…


If it wasn’t for all the green stuff out there, it would have been november. And it seems that only the west-coast in south of Sweden suffers from this non-summer-ish weather. Further north they have SUMMER! At least so far…

But it’s a lovely weather to sit indoors and reed, write and take naps in.


Through my kitchen window, during breakfast time today, it looked something like this.
Rain wasn’t just pouring down, the cats were chasing the dogs til exhaustion.


I would rather have preferred the view looked something like this..
NO! Like this:
Sunny weather, blue sky, almost no wind – maybe a slight breeze – and comfortable warmth.IMG_1978

Raining cats and dogs = regnet står som spön i backen
Nå! Vilken illustration tycker du är roligast?

Jag håller på min…

Men nog sjutton hade jag hellre sett ut mot en varm, solig och skön sommardag.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning